WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Results

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WWE RAW Tag Team Championships

(C) Seth Rollins & Murphy Vs. Street pROFITS

The match starts with Dawkins and Murphy, and the Profit takes Murphy down and unloads on him. Montez Ford tags in hits a missile dropkick. The Street Profits then dropkick Murphy and Rollins out of the ring. Ford puts Murphy in the corner and does a back flip before hitting a dropkick. Murphy’s elbow hit Ford in the head while taking the bump.

Ford puts Murphy in the corner and fights Seth off the apron. Murphy then knocks Ford off the apron into the commentary table. Rollins tags in and drops him on the apron before rolling Ford in. Rollins punches away at him and looks mad. Murphy tags in and kicks Ford in the back for a two count. Murphy applies a chin lock. Ford gets out and goes for a tag, but Murphy hits a meteora for a two count.

Murphy tosses Ford out of the ring and taunts the crowd. Rollins tags in and sends Ford into the barricade, then back into the ring. Rollins applies a neck vice, Ford tries to fight up but Rollins knees him and sends him out of the ring again. The referee holds Rollins back, allowing Murphy to throw Ford into the barricade. Rollins jumps off the apron, but hits the barricade when Ford moves.

Ford gets in the ring and goes for a tag, but Murphy pulls Dawkins off the apron. Rollins attacks Ford and hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins and Murphy hit a Buckle Bomb/kick combination for a near fall. Murphy is in the match, but he quickly tags Rollins back in. Ford flips through a double-team and tags Dawkins in. Dawkins hits Rollins and Murphy with elbows and dropkicks. Dawkins hits them both with corkscrew avalanches before hitting Rollins with a bulldog. The Street Profits hit a double-team reverse DDT on Rollins, but Murphy breaks up the pin.

Dawkins and Murphy soon are out of the ring. Rollins rolls Ford up for a two count. Ford quickly kicks Rollins in the head and goes to the top rope for a frog splash. Murphy pulls Ford off to break the pin up. Murphy runs away, but Dawkins pounces him over the commentary table! Dawkins tags in. The Street Profits go for a double-team move, but Rollins gets out. Rollins sends Ford out of the ring and tags Murphy in. Rollins and Murphy go for stereo Pedigrees on the Profits, but the Profits counter into a DDT’s.

Ford knocks them out of the ring and goes for a somersault senton, but Rollins and Murphy catch him and throw him into the barricade hard. Dawkins attacks Rollins, knocking him down on the floor. Dawkins puts Murphy in the ring and Rollins grabs the ankle but Dawkins kicks him away. Murphy kicks Dawkins into the ropes, and the referee backs him up. Rollins hits Dawkins with a Stomp on the apron, and Murphy pins for the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Murphy

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