Naomi Reveals Secrets Behind Her New LED Entrance Helmet Globe

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Naomi returned to WWE after a long hiatus. A lot of fans noticed that has has new entrance attire. That LED globe on The Glow’s head is capable of a lot more than just flashing lights, too.

During her appearance on WWE The Bump, Naomi was asked about her new entrance prop. The Glow explained how she came across the idea and she hasn’t even started to scratch the surface of what it can do.

Naomi said she’s always looking for new and exciting ways to revamp her entrance. She said her helmet comes from Russia and she loves the place she bought it from. There’s also a DJ who wears an LED head and she thought it would be great to wear in WWE.

She said the scary part came that when she wore it for the first time. Naomi couldn’t see. So, she almost fell off the stage. Since then she’s learned how to manage inside her entrance helmet globe.

She said it’s awesome and she can even program different script for it to scroll across her face. She hasn’t figured out, “but once I do it’s gonna be lit!”

She has about 150 pairs of LED shoes at home. The helmet is a nice addition to the collection.

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