Dash Wilder Defends The Phrase ‘Championship Belt’

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There are certain pet peeves that we’ve all got as fans of professional wrestling and while some can fall away over time, others can stick with us for as long as we’re invested in the industry.

One argument that seems to always be raging on is the debate surrounding the term ‘championship belt’. From it being known as a belt to a title to a championship, it feels like we’re at the point where we’ve exhausted all possible options.

Alas, after Sam Roberts decided to reignite the flame on social media last night, Dash Wilder was quick to put him back in his place.

Alongside Scott Dawson, Wilder is part of The Revival – a team that is well known for being incredibly old school and particularly interested in restoring the pride of tag team wrestling.

While that doesn’t automatically mean his point is justified, there are plenty of pro wrestlers both past and present that would agree regarding the specific definition.

This interaction opened the door for many fans to label Sam Roberts as a shill for WWE, but regardless of that, it’s always good to see that fans are willing to get passionate about something as trivial as this.

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