Matt Hardy Gives His Take On WWE Booking Him Terribly

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Matt Hardy could be out of WWE on March 1st. It seems that March 2nd, 2020 is a date that Matt Hardy is really looking forward to.

Hardy’s latest run with WWE didn’t end the way he probably hoped, but he’s not holding any resentment.

Hardy tweeted out a message to fans letting them know that he’s putting the broken pieces back together. He read a reply from a fan saying that he used WWE’s terrible booking to take advantage and capture fan interest through YouTube.

Booked terrible on TV for months. Uses that to his advantage makes great YouTube and social media content becomes the most talked about talent in wrestling

Matt Hardy ready this reply and he had his own view of the situation. Pro wrestlers are independent contractors. That should never be forgotten.

He said that if a promoter doesn’t push someone then it’s on them. That’s just the way the pro wrestling industry works now as he continues to promote himself.

My personal take-

As a pro wrestling independent contractor, it is vital that you rely upon yourself to promote & grow your stock. Hopefully, a solid creative idea garners the backing of your promoter. If not, it’s on you. That’s just the reality of how this industry works now.

A lot of fans are expecting that Matt Hardy will end up in AEW. Some are even certain that he will be reveled as The Dark Order’s Exalted One.

There are plenty of roles that Matt Hardy could play in the pro wrestling world. He is also financially set for life so there is no requirement that he signs with any company.

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