Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Want To Rub AEW’s Successes In Nonbelievers’ Faces

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AEW is making big strides as a pro wrestling company. They are miles ahead of most companies that have been technically operating for less than a year.

Sports Illustrated recently spoke to Cody Rhodes where they asked about several subjects. Rhodes said that Tony Khan was adamantly against him taking that moonsault off the cage during Dynamite.

AEW is getting their first line of action figures. The company has some big plans with Wicked Cool Toys. The American Nightmare said that seeing his first AEW action figure was another moment when things became very real for them.

“This is another one of those ‘They’re real’ moments for us. I really like those ‘They’re real’ moments. I don’t like them as a way to rub it in people’s faces who disbelieved. I think it helps people who believe.”

All Elite Wrestling will likely have plenty more moments just like this. We can only imagine the excitement they will have after AEW’s first video game is revealed. That is apparently on the way as well.

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