WWE Afraid Of Chris Jericho Fans Hijacking RAW

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Chris Jericho is from Winnipeg and those fans love him. That is also the location for Raw this week and that could pose a problem.

Fans often get creative with their chants. You never know what the Winnipeg fans might come up with, especially for Le Champion.

Dave Meltzer reports that there is some concern within WWE tonight about Chris Jericho fans throwing out loud chants and bringing in signs. Jericho grew up in the area and is also billed from Winnipeg. Those fans realize that fact.

The expectation with how rare Winnipeg gets television tapings and that Winnipeg is usually a very hot house show crowd, that the crowd will be great reacting tonight.  The crowd prediction is 11,800, which would be a sellout or close, based on what a Raw taping can seat. There is some concern from WWE about chants or posters for Chris Jericho at tonights’ show.

We’ll have to see how things pan out throughout the three-hour broadcast this week. You never know what can happen during a live show.

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