Booker T excited millions of fans around the world during his career in the ring. He borrowed quite a bit of his character.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Booker T told very interesting story about a prison guard he encountered while he was locked up. Booker T went on to talk about his pro wrestling career that followed.

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer went explained how his in-ring style and promos are not original. He lifted bits and pieces from different places, but putting them together was all him.

“You gotta be able to go out there and throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. I love music and that helps me a lot and I got so many saying that are stuck there that I can go into my head and boom pull out something and it’s probably from some song from the 80’s that people have forgot about. I steal a whole lot and make it my own. That’s what wrestling is. You gotta know how to take little bits and pieces from here and here and you gotta know how to make it your own.”


“My make-up, my wrestling style and you know my promo style it’s all been from some movie that I watched. None of it is original other than me performing it. I’m good at taking someone’s stuff and making it my own. I’m G.I Bro.”

It’s really hard to do anything totally original nowadays because so much has already been done. Booker T might have borrowed a few of his most iconic phrases or mannerisms, but it’s hard to believe anyone else using those same moves would have been nearly as successful as Booker T when it was all said and done.

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