WWE RAW Superstar Voices Possible Frustration About Position On Roster

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The Elimination Chamber is getting a lot of people excited. The final stop on the road to WrestleMania will include Liv Morgan in the big Elimination Chamber match.

Morgan commented about her upcoming match. She said: “I. Want. The. Chamber.” Liv Morgan is currently on the books for the Chamber match. No Way Jose is not.

No Way Jose’s conga line is seldom seen on WWE television anymore. Main Event and enhancement matches seem to be his current position.

The charismatic Superstar saw Morgan’s tweet about the Elimination Chamber and replied with: “Yeah me too!”

We can only imagine that No Way Jose’s current position on the WWE roster isn’t what he had in mind for himself. The book is still open for No Way Jose in WWE, but it might take some big revisions to pull him up the roster.

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