Plenty of WWE Superstars use marijuana. There are recent interviews that say majority of them use it in one way or another. Steve Austin isn’t a big fan, but it’s not because he’s against it.

The Rattlesnake opened up about his previous experience with marijuana during The Steve Austin Show. He used to go to Canada to get marijuana for his friends who needed it. He also used it on a few occasions, but he apparently didn’t enjoy himself, or he couldn’t handle it because of “the giggles.”

“The few times that I did partake in that endeavor, and I partook in many other endeavors, but I really wasn’t a THC guy. Like, when I would hit that stuff, man, it would slow me down to the point where I would say something and then I would think, ‘man, did that sound dumb?’ or if someone would cut a joke, I’d be like, processing it, and I might giggle and I might not. But then, there was one time when I was riding with a Hall Of Famer and we stopped at a Burger King drive [thru] and we got the famous giggles! And we sat there at the damn ordering speaker for like eight minutes! Man, we were laughing our asses off and we never got the hamburgers! We finally just took off and it was great.”

Steve Austin was speaking to RVD at the time when marijuana came up in the conversation. Some people really benefit from marijuana, but it sounds like Steve Austin couldn’t make it through the Burger King drive-thru.


Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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