Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results – February 22nd, 2020

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Jordynne Grace vs. Havok – Knockouts Title

Havoc took control from the jump as Grace sold one move after another. Then Grace rolled away and Havoc missed a legdrop.

Grace reversed a move off the roped and she hit a Vader Bomb for a two count. Havoc went to the apron and Grace nailed a draping DDT for a two count.

Havoc returned fire with a few moves concluding in a chokeslam for a two count. Then Jordynne Grace went up top and Havoc climbed up too. Grace fought back and she got a sleeper hold on Havoc before she went back into a slam.

Then Grace continued with the sleeper until it was over.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Rhino vs. Moose

These two traded some shots before Rhino hit a spinebuster. Moose started to leave saying, “You don’t deserve to be in the ring with me, I’m outta here.” He went to the back and Rhino followed him to bring him back.

Then Moose hit a lowblow to end the match with a DQ.

Winner: Rhino

Rhino got on the mic and said he didn’t come all the way to Louisville to win via DQ. Then they re-started it as a No DQ match. Nobody likes No DQ, or at least they shouldn’t.

Match #2 – No DQ This Time

Moose got a chair. Rhino put the chair in Moose’s face and grabbed the chair to hit him. He put Moose outside the Moose got free and grabbed a trashcan lid.

Rhino took a tumble on the floor and Moose started a fight with Chris Harris.

Moose took a shot from Rhino with the trashcan lid. Then they returned to the ring. Moose grabbed a staple gun because that’s exactly what this match was missing.

Rhino fought off the staple gun and then he got Moose right in the package wit ha staple. Moose sold it well while fans chanted “ECW.”

Moose turned things around and he hit two dropkicks in the corner. Then Moose grabbed a hammer, just a regular hammer. He tried to hit Rhino, but he stopped him.

Then Rhino grabbed the hammer, but Moose blocked him. Finally, Rhino hit a spinebuster on Moose (not on the hammer even though Josh Mathews said it was). Rhino was about to hit Rhino with the chair and Moose hit him in the foot with a hammer.

Moose grabbed another chair and he grabbed another out of the crowd, then another. He was literally stealing chairs from people. The ring was full of four different metal folding chair in assorted colors because those are the seats the venue uses.

Moose went to the top and Rhino hit him before stacking up the chair in a pile. He climbed up and superplexed him on all of the chair. Instead of pinning him, Rhino rolled outside and got a table from under the ring.

Rhino propped up the table, but he missed the Gore as Moose countered with a boot and a clothesline. Then he wedged a chair in the corner which he took to the head. Then Moose speared Rhino through the table for the win.

Winner: Moose

Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin

Ace didn’t even have his gear ready. He was doing up his knee pads as the match started.

The did a test of strength and Ace pulled Tessa in like he was dancing with her. Then she slapped him and landed two dropkicks and a few more shots. Ace kicked out at two after a roll-up and then he took Tessa into the turnbuckle where he landed two knees.

Ace went up top and Tessa landed a forearm. He hit a back elbow and then he hit a hiptoss into the corner for a two count.

Ace hit a suplex, but Tessa kicked out before the referee counted to one. Then he landed a couple of kicks in the ropes. Blanchard landed some forearm shots and then Ace clubbed across Tessa’s back to send her down.

He pressed his knee across her head as he pushed down and then he flipped her over and landed a kick before a choke. He applied a single leg crab to Blanchard as she crawled to the bottom rope which finally happened.

They went outside and Ace landed a kick to Tessa from the apron before hand springing back into the ring. He was so proud of that kick.

Then he went back outside to brawl a bit. Blanchard took all the strikes and she came back with elbows and forearms before landing a boot. He got on the apron and he went up into a one-armed handstand that she kicked out from under him to send him smashing against the apron. She went back inside and went for a dive, but he hit her with a forearm.

Ace got her back in the ring and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Tessa started selling like she does and she so good at it.

Austin got an armlock on her. She was biting him to get free, but he cut her between the fingers with his playing card. THEY’RE HARDCORE!

Blanchard fired back with chops and Ace went into the corner. Tessa landed a forearm and a Magnum from the second rope, but she didn’t get to a pin as she sold her papercut crying and sucking at the cut while Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown put over her selljob.

Blanchard got pumped up and hit a running rudo and she let out a primal scream. Then she hit a cutter and Austin rolled outside. Blanchard hit a suicide dive and then another and then she nailed the third. Then she let out another primal scream.

Ace countered a DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Then hit a ushigoroshi for a two count. Blanchard countered into a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count.

Ace coutnered a buzzsaw DDT and sent Blanchard into the corner. Then he put her on top and got on the apron. He went running, but Blanchard avoided a kick. She jumped down right into a spinning kick for a two count.

Ace went back to the top and he hit a springboard fameasser for a two count.

Blanchard was unable to close Austin out so she went back up top. She went for Magnum, but Ace caught her and sat her back on the top rope where he kicked her. Then Austin climbed up with her, but she fought him off with forearms.

Then she went for a buzzsaw DDT from the top rope — he landed on his feet. They went back up on top and then she just dropped and DESTROYED him across the top rope.

I don’t know what to even call what just happened and neither did Josh Mathews. That’s nothing new because he actually only calls 15% of the moves in the ring anyway. It was a BRUTAL move.

1-2-3 Tessa wins.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

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