Jon Moxley had quite a story coming up in the pro wrestling business. His home promotion closed down and he figured that he just didn’t make it in pro wrestling. That changed very quickly.

During AEW Unrestricted, Moxley discussed his quick rise through the indies after spending so much time toiling away. Eventually he got a call from WWE and an offer to join FCW.

Jon Moxley said that when he first got a call from WWE he thought it was a joke. Then Joey Mercury called him and Mox knew it was real. The next thing Moxley knew he was making his way to Florida.

“I had no possessions to my name. I had my wrestling bag, like a few books and this really crappy beater car. I had whatever cash I had to my name — they give you like a moving bonus. They give you like $1,500 to pay for your move for moving trucks. So that was basically the only cash I had.”


“I couldn’t even cash the check because I didn’t have a bank account at the time. So, my buddy’s girlfriend went to the bank with me so she co-signed it and cashed it out because I didn’t have a bank account I literally just had a wad of cash. I drove there 24 hours straight I got there in the morning. I’d been up for 24 hours the sun in Tampa is beating in my face and stuff I’m so confused.”

“I couldn’t get an apartment because I didn’t have any credit or anything and I had an eviction on my record from like years ago. I didn’t have any luck getting an apartment and they said there’s some guys who need a roommate we can put you in touch with, but I was too proud and embarrassed or anti-social to even ask for help or anything so I was like, I’ll just figure this out myself.”

Moxley said that he eventually found a place on Craigslist for $100 a week. He said it was a small rectangle room and the mattress was probably diseased in a dumpy house.

This was quite an interesting place in Tampa that he now calls a “crack den.” It was apparently exciting too because a knife fight broke out one night. Moxley wasn’t interested in sticking around to see how that situation ended.

“It was basically a giant crack den. There was knife fight too right out front. One night I was trying to sleep and there was a commotion and one of the dudes that lived in the other rooms was sitting there wielding a knife it was like nuts. 10 seconds later after I left cops ran in and tackled and I was like, ‘I’m just gonna go back to my room now.'”

Moxley lived there for a year and he walked to training every day. His car didn’t make it very long, but got him to Tampa for FCW. The rest is history.

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