Huge Changes Behind-The-Scenes With WWE Entrance Music

WWE and their former band CFO$ were able to make many different projects come to life. Now their partnership is over leaving the company to figure out what’s next.

Fightful Select reports that CFO$ had an issue with their publisher. The band was out “a significant cut of money” when it comes to their publisher deal.

WWE tried to buy CFO$ out of their contracts, but their publisher rejected the idea. There was some hope that WWE could bring them in as a house band, but that’s not happening yet.

The plan that we’d heard was that WWE hoped to bring them in house, but the talks got to a stand-still, and eventually ran out. It’s thought that CFO$ have a non-compete with their publisher, which is why they haven’t returned.

The idea for WWE was “said to be a big one” because WWE was willing to outsource their work rather than keep it all in-house like they did with Jim Johnston for the longest time.

At this point CFO$’ exit has caused WWE to halt their “lucrative WWE Music Group YouTube channel.” They haven’t uploaded any content in six months at this rate.

It is reported that Doug J Davis is now working with WWE’s music division.

WWE has started using “library tracks and an in-house editor” for newer theme songs. They have also needed to start the hiring process in that division because other employees have left as well.

Written by Felix Upton

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