WWE Raw Results – February 17, 2020

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24/7 Championship

(C) Riddick Moss Vs. Mojo Rawley Vs. R-Truth

The bell rings and Mojo attacks Moss in the corner. Truth then drops Rawley and he rolls from the ring. Moss throws Truth to the corner and beats him down. Moss lifts Truth and throws him in the air before clubbing him down in mid-air.

Moss attempts a pinfall on Truth but Mojo pulls him from the ring and tosses him into the barricade. Mojo gets back in the ring but R-Truth hits Rawley with John Cena’s shoulder tackles, the back suplex, and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Truth attempts the Attitude Adjustment but Rawley counters with a slam. Moss runs in and rolls-up Mojo for the pinfall!

Winner: Riddick Moss

After the match, Mojo attacks Truth but the multi-time Champion turns the tables on him and hits the spinning kick.

Next on Raw, MVP is back in action against Drew McIntyre.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance. He says he wants to point at the sign but Charlotte already did that. He wants to do one better, so he asks the fans to join him in pointing at the WrestleMania sign. McIntyre says he wants to give a geography lesson, and explain that Suplex City can be found within Claymore Country. And at WrestleMania he will invade Suplex City and burn it to the ground, then walk out as the WWE Champion.

Paul Heyman comes out onto the stage and introduces himself, then pretends that Brock Lesnar is coming out but smiles and says of course he isn’t here. He just wanted everyone to know what it will sound like when he is announced “and still…”. Heyman says he can point at the sign too, and that WrestleMania is where Brock Lesnar will retain his title.

McIntyre says Paul can keep saying Brock’s name over and over, including after Drew McIntyre kicks his head off and takes the WWE Championship. Heyman says he has profound respect for Drew and he didn’t come here tonight to debate him. He’s actually a huge admirer of his talents. But there’s a man he knows who isn’t a fan of his talents, and it is a man with a genuine grievance with Drew…MVP!

MVP walks to the ring and says Heyman may not have an issue with Drew, but he does. He says they were old friends and he treated him like an elite level VIP. And how did Drew repay him? McIntyre says he knows this one, he kicked his head off! MVP says McIntyre think’s he’s Billy Connolly. What he actually did was hit him with a cheap shot, but that won’t happen this week. He asks the referee to ring the bell but then MVP cheap shots Drew!

Drew McIntyre Vs. MVP

The bell rings and McIntyre drops MVP with a big boot right away. McIntyre lifts him and rips the tape off his nose, then batters him in the corner. Drew whips MVP to the corner but eats an elbow as he runs at him. MVP gets caught with a Future Shock DDT, then McIntyre takes to the corner and counts down to the Claymore Kick!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

We see a replay of last week when Becky Lynch defeated Asuka in a title match, but was then viciously attacked by Shayna Baszler. The RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, makes her entrance with a brown paper bag in hand.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live with Becky Lynch in the ring with a paper bag. She says she’s felt a lot of things in the past week. She came to the U.S.A to seek fame and fortune and she realised she has no need for fame. However she does know what to do with her fortune. Lynch opens the paper bag and pulls out $100 bills, and says that’s her paying her inevitable fines up front.

She says only animals go for the neck and it’s an attempt to weaken prey before ending them. She screams at Baszler to look at the “pretty face of the longest-reigning RAW Women’s Champion”. Does she look like prey? She says she has faced a murderer’s row of competitors, and she did it because she felt she had to. But with Shayna Baszler, she wants to face her.

Shayna appears on the screen and says Becky is lugging around a bag of cash for something she’ll never get to do. Baszler says that she has to compete in Elimination Chamber in order to face Becky at WrestleMania. Elimination Chamber is a cage and she’s a cage fighter, so it’s all set-up perfectly for her to be the one to take Lynch’s title. She says she will chew through the competition at Elimination Chamber, and Becky of all people knows how that feels. But if it makes Becky feel any better, she didn’t plan on biting her, she just did it. So just imagine the things she does have planned. “Becky….I’m gonna tear the shit out of you.”

Rusev makes his entrance ahead of a tag team match with Humberto Carrillo.

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Rusev & Humberto Carrillo Vs. Angel Garza & Bobby Lashley W/Zelina Vega & Lana

The match begins with Carrillo and Lashley. Humberto sends Lashley to the corner and attacks him but Lashley turns the tables with a shoulder tackle. Lashley slams Carrillo into the turnbuckles and tags Angel Garza.

Garza goes to work on his cousin and chops his chest. Carrillo comes back with a springboard headbutt, then hits a high-flying arm-drag, then another. Garza drops Humberto with a front dropkick, then rips his pants off and throws them at Rusev. Garza leaves the ring and a fan kisses him on the cheek but he turns around to a suicide dive from Carrillo!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Garza kicks the back of Carrillo before tagging Lashley. Carrillo counters Lashley and hits a springboard crossbody but Lashley catches him. They exchange reversals until Carrillo tags Rusev.

The Bulgarian comes in against Angel Garza and drops him with lariats before knocking Lashley on the apron, and hitting Garza with several belly-to-belly suplexes. Lashley comes in but Rusev beats him into the corner until Garza rolls him up for a near-fall. Rusev swings a kick but misses and Garza connects with a superkick.

Carrillo comes in and sends Carrillo from the ring for a twisting plancha. Then Lashley comes out of nowhere with a huge spear to Humberto. Lashley then gets floored by Rusev. The Bulgarian puts Garza back in the ring but Lashley holds his feet, allowing Garza to attack. Rusev knocks Garza down and hits a diving headbutt for a near-fall.

Rusev stomps the back of Carrillo and looks for The Accolade but Garza slides from under him. Lashley gets on the apron and Rusev hits him with a Machka Kick, but Garza rolls him up and holds the tights for the win!

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Angel Garza 

After the match, Rusev attacks Angel Garza and throws him over the ropes. Rusev and Lashley share a staredown.

*Commercial Break*

Natalya comes to the ring and we see a replay of two weeks ago when Asuka kicked her in the face and gave her a black eye. Asuka and Kairi Sane make their entrance and make fun of Natalya’s eye. Asuka says she will beat everyone, including Natalya at Elimination Chamber, and go on to WreslteMania, easy peasy.

Natalya Vs. Kairi Sane W/Asuka

The bell rings and they lock-up and Natalya takes control. They exchange until Kairi leaps over her from the corner, then performs a little dance. That just angers Nattie, who slaps her in the face and hits a stalling suplex. Natalya attempts a Sharpshooter but Sane squirms under the ropes to break the hold.

Sane uses the referee to his a cheap shot to Natalya and apply a sleeper hold. Natalya breaks free and kicks Sane, but Kairi whips her into the buckles. Kairi marches to the corner and runs at Natalya but gets dropped with a discus elbow and a near-fall. Sane rolls-up Natalya for a two-count, then attempts a dropkick but gets caught.

Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter but Asuka gets on the apron to prevent it. Natalya gets on the apron and exchanges a shot with Kairia and she falls to the floor. Asuka drops Nattie with a big kick to the head and the referee counts her out.

Winner Via Count-Out: Kairi Sane

After the break, Seth Rollins delivers his first ever sermon.

*Commercial Break*

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