Tommy Dreamer Jokes About Bully Ray Getting Liposuction

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Bully Ray has a lot of friends in the pro wrestling business. Some of them really enjoy giving him a hard time like Tommy Dreamer. It’s okay because most people enjoy giving Dreamer a hard time too.

Tommy Dreamer is often a butt of jokes because of his weight. The Innovator Of Violence was able to get back at Bully Ray a little bit as he sent out a tweet saying that the WWE Hall Of Famer had to get emergency liposuction done last night.

Thoughts and prayers to my [email protected] who had emergency surgery yesterday
An emergency #lipoectomy is very serious

Bully Ray was just featured on WWE The Bump a few week ago. He was also a talking head in the Ruthless Aggression series that debuted on the WWE Network last night. If he got this emergency liposuction surgery then he might look different the next time we see him.

Some people replied to this tweet from Dreamer thinking he was serious. Others got the joke.

Our hearts and prayers are with Bully Ray during this time of emergency weight loss.

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