WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

NXT Championship

(C) Adam Cole Vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The bell rings and we get a staredown, followed by circling as the fans chant “Psycho Killer/Adam Cole”. They lock-up and Ciampa forces Cole to the ropes, then let’s go and does Cole’s taunt. They lock-up again and Cole takes the back but Ciampa reverses into a headlock.
Ciampa counters Cole over and over, each time going right back to the headlock. Ciampa knocks Cole down, then slaps his chest. Cole counters an Irish whip and looks for a backstabber but Ciampa holds onto the ropes. They fight to the floor and Cole drops Ciampa with a big boot, then sits on the apron and pats his back.
Ciampa gets mad and unloads on Cole, sending him into the steel steps, then the ring post, then throws him over the announce table. Ciampa gets Cole sitting on a steel chair and hits a running knee before sitting on the apron and patting his back. Ciampa throws Cole back in the ring but he rolls right out the other side. Ciampa hits him with a baseball slide.
Ciampa goes outside and puts Cole on the apron, where he hits a running knee. The Champion again rolls to the outside and Ciampa goes after him and drops him on the barricade for another running knee. Tommaso puts Cole on a chair in the timekeeper’s area and chops his chest over and over, before hitting a big running knee that sends Cole flying backwards.

Ciampa considered suplexing Cole onto the announce table but the Champion countered and hit a wheelbarrow suplex into the edge of the announce table! What a nasty bump! Cole puts Ciampa back in the ring for a two-count and the announcers say he should quit before he’s injured again. Cole hits a neckbreaker, then delivers a few knees to the back of Ciampa’s neck. Cole wraps his legs around Ciampa’s neck and tries to submit him but Ciampa bridges back to try and pin the Champion, so Cole releases.
Cole climbs the ropes and Ciampa meets him there, where the two of them brawl. Ciampa gets Cole on his shoulder but Cole wriggles free and superkicks the leg of Ciampa, before hitting a backstabber for a two-count. Ciampa counters Cole and looks for Willow’s Bell but Adam fights free. Cole hits an enziguiri, then leaps from the middle rope but gets caught with a dropkick in mid-air.
Ciampa kicks Cole and hits half a dozen lariats, followed by a German suplex. Ciampa with a running knee against the ropes, then a torture rack bomb for a near-fall. Cole feigns a superkick, then goes low with it. Cole hits a flying knee, then Ushigoroshi for a near-fall. Cole goes up top and looks for Panama Sunrise but Ciampa fights it, only for Cole to try again…but Tommaso counters into an avalanche air raid crash and a near-fall!
Cole rolls from the ring and superkicks Ciampa as he tries to go out after him. Cole looks to powerbomb Ciampa onto the announce table but the Psycho Killer counters with a powerbomb of his own! The table didn’t break, so Ciampa takes the lid off the table and hits another powerbomb and this time it does! Ciampa puts Cole back in the ring and hits a running knee, then removes his knee brace but gets caught with a superkick. Cole looks for The Last Shot but Ciampa hits a clothesline, followed by Project Ciampa but Cole kicks out!

Both men get to their feet and the fans request they “fight forever”. They trade shots to the cheers and boos of the fans, then Cole hits a pump kick, then another and Tommaso falls from the ring. Cole attempts his first suicide dive but Ciampa knees him in mid-air! Ciampa puts Cole in the ring but Adam hits him with something of a piledriver as he tries to get in himself. Cole with another Ushigoroshi for another near-fall!
Cole and Ciampa exchange slaps and kicks but Adam connects with The Last Shot. Ciampa rolls to the apron to avoid being pinned. Cole gets on the apron with him, then climbs the ropes and attempts a Panama Sunrise but Ciampa catches him and hits an air raid crash on the apron! Ciampa lifts Cole and attempts a Fairytale Ending on the floor but Cole flips him over. Cole gets on the announce table and hits a Panama Sunrise on the floor! Cole gets Ciampa back in the ring but Tommaso jumps up and hits Willow’s Bell as he comes through the ropes. Ciampa hits the Fairytale Ending but Cole kicks out!!
Ciampa can’t believe it but the fans think it’s awesome. Ciampa tries to lift Cole but gets taken down with a crossface with the arm trapped. Ciampa counters into a crossface of his own but Cole reaches the ropes. Cole rolls from the ring but out comes Roderick Strong to distract the referee, allowing Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish to attack Ciampa. They put him back in the ring and Cole rolls over for the pin…but Ciampa kicks out!
Cole runs at Ciampa but the sends him over the ropes and onto Fish and O’Reilly! Strong gets on the apron and Ciampa hits him with Willow’s Bell. Ciampa then dives over the ropes with a spinning plancha to Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly. He gets Cole back in the ring but eats three superkicks in a row, then The Last Shot but he kicks out again!
O’Reilly hands the NXT Championship to Cole, then distracts the referee. Cole attempts to hit Ciampa but the belt but gets kicked. Cole then shoves Ciampa into the referee and he flies from the ring. Ciampa fights off Cole and O’Reilly but eats a low blow from Cole. The Champion heads up top and jumps for Panama Sunrise but Ciampa low-blows him, then hits a Fairytale Ending but there’s no referee!
Johnny Gargano comes out and seems to thump the mat for Ciampa. The challenger crawls over to Gargano and grabs the NXT Championship, but Johnny pulls it from him and hits him with it! The referee is back and Cole rolls over and covers Ciampa for the win!

Winner: Adam Cole

Gargano slowly walks up the ramp and leaves with a final look back at his former partner in the ring.

The Undisputed Era celebrate on the apron to end NXT TakeOver: Portland. We’ll see you back here tomorrow for more wrestling news, and Monday Night Raw results. Until then, safe travels!

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