WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

The Undisputed Era make their entrance for the tag title match. The Broserweights are out second and they come out in their golf cart, with the Dusty Cup behind them. Riddle asks the fans the pertinent question, “how much fish could Bobby Fish fry, if Bobby fish could fry fish?” He asks it a few times and the fans chant along, until Fish and O’Reilly run up the ramp and attack them. All four men brawl from the stage down to the ring, with TUE getting the better of the babyfaces.

NXT Tag Team Championships

(C) The Undisputed Era Vs. The Broserweights

The match gets underway with Kyle O’Reilly and Matt Riddle, but Bobby Fish is still beating on Pete Dunne on the floor. Riddle delivers a few knees to the side of Kyle, who tags Bobby Fish.
Riddle hits Fish with a few deadlift suplexes, then tags Pete Dunne, who assists him in a moonsault onto Fish. Dunne shoots Fish into the ropes and leapfrogs him before hitting a lariat. O’Reilly runs in but gets grabbed by Dunne and his arm is stomped.
Dunne rolls from the ring and grabs Fish for a release suplex on the apron. Dunne then dodges O’Reilly and flips over him from the steel steps to hit him with a release suplex onto Fish on the apron. Dunne gets back in the ring and does some joint manipulation to Bobby Fish.
O’Reilly tags in and he makes use of quick tags with Fish to isolate Dunne and beat him down. Fish with a Samoan drop before tagging O’Reilly again, who unloads some ground and pound. Fish and O’Reilly beat Dunne in the corner but Pete slides from the ring to get some space. O’Reilly hits him with a dragon screw over the ropes, then Fish kicks his leg out and he falls to the floor.

Fish puts Dunne in the corner and O’Reilly holds him there, but Dunne dodges Fish and he boots O’Reilly on the apron. Riddle finally gets the tag and comes in hot with big kicks to both Fish and O’Reilly, followed by suplexes and running Brotons. Kick to the chest of O’Reilly and a fisherman buster to Fish, followed by a GTS and an Everst German suplex to Kyle for a near-fall.
Dunne tags himself in and the Broserweights hit a powerbomb/knee combo for a near-fall. Dunne and Riddle climb the same turnbuckles, with Dunne hitting a moonsault to Fish on the floor, and Riddle hitting a twisting moonsault to O’Reilly, but the latter got his knees up! On the outside, Dunne stomps the hands of Fish, then swings a kick but misses and hits the ring post!
Meanwhile in the ring, O’Reilly hits a Superman forearm in the corner to Matt, followed by two German suplexes but Riddles rolls through both and hits a Final Flash an a German suplex, followed by another Final Flash and both men are down. O’Reilly sends Riddle to the floor and tags Fish, but Matt spears Bobby on the floor. Riddle gets back in the ring and spears O’Reilly. Riddle looks to suplex O’Reilly but Fish chopblocks him. UE hit a wheelbarrow/German suplex combo for a near-fall.
Riddle counters UE to hit Final Flashes to both, then tags Pete Dunne and he gets axe kicked by O’Reilly, but then Dunne gets an armbar in. O’Reilly rolls through and gets an ankle lock in. Riddle rolls in with Fish and he gets an ankle lock in. Fish and O’Reilly turn the tables and get a Scorpion Death Lock/sleeper hold on their opponents. However Riddle, with Fish on his back, hits a Final Flash to O’Reilly, and drops to his back to slam Fish.

Fish tags in but gets German suplexed by Dunne, who stomps the feet and kicks him. Dunne tags Riddle and they look for a double-team move but Fish shoves Dunne into Riddle and tags O’Reilly. Fish hits Riddle with a superplex, then O’Reilly hits a knee slam from the top rope. O’Reilly locks-in a kneebar, but Pete Dunne snaps the fingers of Fish, then stomps on the hand of O’Reilly to break the submission on Riddle.
Dunne and O’Reilly are legal and they exchange shots back and forth. O’Reilly shoves Dunne into Riddle on the apron, then deliver a knee strike. Pete looks to tag Fish but Dunne grabs the hand and snaps his fingers. Pete looks for the Bitter End but O’Reilly counters, then Riddle comes in with a running knee but inadvertently hits Dunne! Kyle tosses Riddle from the ring and tags Fish. The Undisputed Era hit a suplex/kick combo but Dunne kicks out!
Dunne fights off both Fish and O’Reilly and Riddle blind tags in. Riddle hits a Final Flash to Fish, then knee’s O’Reilly in the face. The Broserweights hit a GTS/enziguiri combo to win the belts!

Winners and New NXT Tag Team Champions: The Broserweights

Riddle and Dunne celebrate their huge title win after the fact, and the announcers summarise their journey from Dusty Classic to now. This is Matt Riddle’s first title in WWE!

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