WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

Johnny Gargano Vs. Finn Balor

The bell rings and neither man move for a minute. They circle each other before locking-up and Balor shoves Johnny to the ground. They lock-up again and this time Gargano takes the back of Finn and attempts a roll-up for a two. Gargano takes Balor down with a headlock but Finn counters with a scissors headlock and does some push-up to taunt Gargano.
Johnny fights out and takes Balor down with another headlock. Gargano drops Balor with a dropkick and a sunset flip, followed by a rolling kick to the face. Johnny attacks the wrist of Balor but Finn fires back with chops to the chest. Gargano comes back with chops of his own. Balor is sent to the apron and he attempts a kick but Johnny avoids it and jumps onto the apron to hit a quick spear.
Gargano beats Balor on the floor but Finn comes back with a slingblade! Balor connects with a running knee, then puts Johnny back in the ring and takes a headlock. Balor hits a basement dropkick for a one-count. Balor with a snapmare and another submission. Gargano fights out and hits a reverse Russian leg sweep. Johnny targets the arm and cracks it over his shoulder.

Balor gets Gargano on the apron and hits a dragon screw leg whip on the ropes! Gargano counters a leg submission and attempts a cross armbreaker but Finn fights him off and stomps him. Balor wraps Johnny’s leg around the middle rope, before jumping and stomping it. Balor then hangs his leg on the bottom rope and slams it repeatedly. Gargano reverses Balor and rolls him up for a two-count, then tries to rolling kick to the face again but Finn counters and gets him in a unique leg submission.
Gargano hits a step-up enziguiri, followed by a front suplex and a roundhouse kick. Gargano attempts a suidicde dive but Balor caught him and attempted 1916 on the floor but Johnny rammed him into the steel steps. Gargano takes to the apron and hits a running senton on the floor! Johnny gets Finn in the ring and hits a slingshot spear. They go back and forth until Balor hits a back press for a near-fall.
Gargano counters Balor and lawn-darts him into the turnbuckles. Gargano hits an enziugiri but Finn comes back with a Pele kick…but Johnny falls on top of him and almost scores the pinfall. Gargano goes to the apron and both men trade shots over and over until hitting stereo enziguiri’s. Gargano looks for a slingshot spear again but Balor grabs hold and attacks him. With Gargano draped on the ropes, Finn attempts a Coup de Grace but Johnny dodges it and hits a slingshot DDT for a near-fall.

Both men run at each other and Johnny hits a discus clothesline. Gargano attempts the superkick but Balor counters with a slingblade. Balor runs into a superkick, then another slingblade from Balor. John Woo dropkick into the buckles from Finn, then he goes up top but misses the Coup de Grace again! Johnny gets Finn in the Gargano Escape and tries to roll out but Johnny holds on. He rolls again and this time gets out, before hitting a stomp. Balor attempts 1916 but Gargano counters, right back into the Escape! This time the Irishman reaches the ropes to break the hold.
Both men roll to the outside and Gargano does Finn’s gun taunt before hitting a running dropkick into the barricade. Gargano getting more boos than anything. Johnny takes the lid from the announce table but Balor front suplexes him onto it! Johnny stands on the table and Gargano runs across both tables to dropkick Johnny off and into the barricade! Balor puts Gargano back in the ring and hits Coup de Grace, followed by 1916 for the win!

Winner: Finn Balor

Roderick Strong is interviewed backstage and he says Velveteen Dream is a deadman come Wednesday night. Tonight is more important because Fish and O’Reilly will defend their tag team titles and Adam Cole will prove why he is the face of NXT.

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