WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

Street Fight

Tegan Nox Vs. Dakota Kai

Dakota attacks Tegan as she’s making her entrance for the first woman’s street fight in NXT. Dakota knocks her over towards the barricade by the stage but Nox slams her into it. They fight through the crowd until Tegan tackles Kai through the barricade to the ringside area! Nox lifts Kai up and tries to slam her onto the barricade but Dakota counters with a DDT on it!

Kai gets Nox in the ring for a two-count. Kai goes under the ring and tosses trash cans, chairs, and more into the ring. Nox leaves the ring but Kai whips her into the steps. Kai throws Nox onto the steps and kicks her in the face, then traps her leg in between the steps and the ring post. kai grabs a cricket bat and swings for Nox’s head but misses and it shatters over the ring post, hurting her hands. Nox then dives off the steps onto Kai with a crossbody.
Nox places Dakota against the steps and puts a trash can over her head, then hits a running reverse senton. She puts Kai back in the ring and grabs a table from underneath, which she sets-up at ringside. Nox gets on the apron and attempts to suplex Kai from inside the ring through the table but Kai blocks it and hits her. Dakota ducks a punch, throws Nox onto the apron, then absolutely brains her with the lid of a trash can!
Back in the ring, Kai stomps on Nox and chokes her with her boot. Kai puts Tegan on the apron by the table and tries to kick her off but nobody’s home and gets hung on the ropes. Nox superkicks her three times, then grabs a trash can and beats Kai with it repeatedly. Nox hits a high-angle German suplex onto the trash can for a near-fall. Kai missed a shining wizard but hit a Chiropractor for a near-fall.
Nox gets hold of Kai on the apron but Dakota hits a scorpion kick to knock her off the apron. Kai attempts a soccer kick but Tegan catches her foot and whips it back to slam Kai into the apron. Kai kicks Nox on the top rope, then climbs up and attempts a superplex but Nox blocks it. Nox hits a release chokeslam from the top rope, followed by a Molly-Go-Round for a near-fall!

Nox sets a chair up in the middle of the ring as the fans chant for both of them. Nox looks conflicted but then puts Kai’s head inside the chair and tries to kick it bus misses. Kai throws the chair at Tegan then boots it into her face! Tegan rolls to the outside but Dakota goes after and shoves her into the ring post. Kai then gets duct tape from under the ring and ties her hand to the ring post. Kai hits two running kicks before grabbing a laptop but Nox kicks her knee and cracks it with the laptop!
Nox grabs a steel chain from under the ring and whips Kai’s knee with it. Tegan wraps the chain around her fist and punches Kai’s knee repeatedly. Nox grabs the chair and places Kai’s knee inside it, and stomps it! Tegan hits The Shiniest Wizard and look shocked at herself, but then says she isn’t done yet. Nox goes outside and grabs the table she set-up earlier and puts it in the ring.
Nox stomps Dakota a few times before laying her on the table. She grabs a chair and puts it around Kai’s head! Tegan climbs the ropes but Raquel Gonzalez from the Mae Young Classic comes down and attacks Nox! She rolls Dakota off the table, then lifts Dakota up on the top rope and throws her through the table – the table didn’t actually break, it slid back and flipped. Kai rolls over and pins Nox for the win!

Winner: Dakota Kai

After the match, Raquel Gonzalez gets in the ring and helps Kai to her feet. She raises Dakota’s hand and Kai looks confused.

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