WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

NXT TakeOver Portland opens with live performances of ‘Fill The Crown’ and ‘Anything Like Me’ by Poppy.

North American Championship

(C) Keith Lee Vs. Dominic Dijakovic

The opening match of the night gets underway and the two longtime rivals come face-to-face in the middle of the ring. They exchange some words before locking-up. Dijakovic shoots Lee off and they exchange some reversals and leap-frogs, until Lee hits Dominic with a hurricanrana!
Dijakovic attempts a  few shoulder blocks but Lee won’t fall. Lee then hits one of his won and Dijakovic doesn’t fall either. They exchange more trash talk, then Lee takes a wristlock and lifts Dijakovic up the air like Undertaker used to. Dijakovic slaps the chest of Lee but that just makes him angry. Lee leaps over Dijakovic but then gets clocked with a discus kick and rolls from the ring.
Dijakovic attempts a twisting plancha to the outside but Lee catches him! Lee looks for a powerbomb but DD lands on his feet and delivers a back elbow, followed by suplex onto the apron and Lee rolls off and onto the floor. Dijakovic gets Lee back in the ring and stomps him around. Dominic talks trash to Lee before delivering several stiff forearms to the face, chest, and back. Dijakovic looks for a suplex again but Lee counters and lands some right hands.

Lee hits a backbreaker, followed by a release German suplex of sorts for a near-fall. Dijakovic counters The Big Bang and hits a cyclone kick. Dijakovic takes to the top rope and hits a corkscrew moonsault for a near-fall. Both men hit stereo lariats and forearms and Dijakovic gets the better until Lee hulks-up and they hit more stereo lariats and both collapse.
Lee blocks an elbow and shakes his head, but then Dijakovic blocks an attack and shakes his head. DD hits a bit clothesline and Lee rolls to the apron. Lee climbs the turnbuckles but Dijakovic climbs with him and gets him on his shoulders for an avalanche Feast Your Eyes! Lee Kicks out!! “NXT” chant from the fans.
Dijakovic puts Lee in the corner and delivers a few shots, then runs at him but gets pounced out of his skin and hits the buckles. Dominic rolls from the ring and Lee goes after. Keith with a big forearm that knocks Lee into the barricade and the fans are chanting for tables. Lee drapes Dijakovic over the barricade and shushes the crowd, before delivering a double slap to the chest. The fans want more, so Lee puts him in a chair and does it again.
Dijakovic breaks the count before putting Lee in the chair but he gets slapped again anyway! Dijakovic gets mad and superkicks Lee in the chair. Dijakovic then goes to the ring and hits a springboard tope onto Lee in the chair!! Wow! Back in the ring, Dijakovic superkicks Lee and grabs him by the throat, but Lee breaks the hold and grabs Dominic. Lee counters the chokeslam, then attempts one of his own but Dijakovic lands on his feet. Then Lee gets chokeslammed but lands on his feet! Lee hits the Spirit Bomb and Dijakovic rolls through and stands right up! The fans go crazy! Dijakovic swings a kick but Lee dodges and hits another Spirit Bomb…but DD kicks out!

“Fight forever” chants from the fans. Keith Lee drags Dominic to the corner and gets on the top rope but DD shoves him off and to the floor. Lee gets to his feet and goes back to the top rope but Dijakovic attacks him and climbs up with him. Dijakovic hits an avalanche Spanish Fly for a near-fall, then tries to lift Lee for Feast Your Eyes but can’t. Lee turns the tables and hits The Big Bang for the win!

Winner: Keith Lee

After the match, Lee celebrates his win. Then extends a hand and helps Dominic Dijakovic to his feet and the two hug.

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