Match Added To WWE SmackDown This Week

The Miz and John Morrison seemed to get under Roman Reigns’ skin. Now he’s set to do something about it.

The Miz & Morrison started a bit of an online war with Roman Reigns. This included Morrison taking a shot at The Usos’ past DUIs.

Now WWE has announced a match for Friday Night SmackDown this week so they can settle things. Roman Reigns will choose a mystery partner to face The Miz & Morrison.

In the official match preview, the company hyped this upcoming match with a mystery partner.

Now Reigns must find a teammate to head into battle with The Miz & John Morrison.

Who will The Big Dog turn to for this tag team clash? Have the A-Lister and The Guru of Greatness bit off more than they can chew?

We’ll have to see who Roman Reigns picks to partner with him as he faces the Dirt Sheet hosts. Odds are he won’t need to look far to find someone who would like to mix it up with Miz & Morrison.