WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – February 7th, 2020

Daniel Bryan had a backstage segment with Heath Slater. Bryan was told that he shouldn’t think about the strap match at the Royal Rumble in his own way. This caused Daniel to get a match.

Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater

Bryan started like he was shot out of a cannon with a running knee, suicide dive, and missile dropkick from the top. Then he hit Yes Kicks.

The Bryan nailed a running knee, but he wasn’t done. So, he grabbed Heath and stomped down on his face over and over again. Then the referee called for the bell when Bryan got the LeBell Lock on.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

They showed a highlight of Strowman’s IC Title win last week

The Monster Speaks

Renee Young was actually there and in the ring for this one. He got “you deserve it” chants. He said when he thinks about the IC Title he still gets chills. It’s the greatest achievement in his career.

He’s done a lot in WWE, but this title means the most. Then Shinsuke Nakamura came out. Zayn said that Braun’s win was fraudulent.

Strowman cut Zayn off and said he’ll defend the title anytime and any place. Zayn said it’s happening, just not tonight or in San Jose. They’re going to be smart, surgical, and tactical about this.

Then The Revival jumped Strowman and they beat him down. Zayn seems to be paired with The Revival now too. His stable is rapidly growing.

Braun fought everyone off and chased Sami Zayn out of the ring. Braun took out Dash and Dawson before Sami ran into the ring and Nakamura nailed a knee strike and a Kinshasa to leave Braun on the mat.

Mandy & Otis’ Valentine’s Day Date

They played a montage of Otis getting ready for his date next week. There were a lot of steaks and weights.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

Sheamus beat Crews very quickly.

Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus didn’t leave. Shorty G stopped him from nailing another Brogue Kick. Then Shorty ate one for himself. Sheamus posed at the end.

Alexa Bliss vs Carmella vs Dana Brooke vs Naomi

These women had a very fast-paced match, but they all had opportunities to receive a highlight. The crowd was obviously behind Alexa Bliss the most, but Dana Brooke did get some good pops as she hit power moves.

Naomi almost got a win on Carmella after a split-legged moonsault, but Brooke broke it up. Then Naomi got out of a move from Brooke and she nailed a stunner.

Bliss hit a dropkick on The Glow and started working on her in the corner. Then Naomi came back and hit a legdrop for a two count.

Bliss and Naomi started fighting up top and Naomi was sent down so Bliss ran to get a pin. Naomi was too far away to hit her Sparkle Splash.

Naomi threw Bliss at Mella and then she suplexed Brooke in the ring and she hit a split legged leg drop for a two count before throwing Brooke back outside.

Bliss bounced Naomi off the second turnbuckle and threw her in the top one for good measure. Then Bliss climbed up top and went for Twisted Bliss, but Naomi got her knees up and hit her finisher. Carmella kicked Naomi twice and won.

Winner: Carmella