WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – February 7th, 2020

King Corbin

Corbin walked out and he was pissed. He told people to get on their knees and listen to what their king has to say. He said last week was an abomination and then he took a shot at the 49ers for losing to the Chiefs at the Super Bowl.

He said Roman Reigns should have been the one covered in dog food, but the Usos kept bailing him out. “When are they gonna realize they’re carrying dead weight.”

Then he demanded one more match with Roman Reigns. He said he’s not leaving until he gets Roman.

Then Roman’s music hit after Corbin poured water all over a plant in the crowd.. Reigns hit a Superman Punch and then beat Corbin around the ringside area. Then Baron Corbin left. So, Reigns grabbed the mic and set up another match at the Super ShowDown in a steel cage.


Goldberg was at home via satellite. He said the Royal Rumble got him thinking and gave him some inspiration. Then he proposed that he goes for the Universal Title. He wants a rematch.

Bray showed up on the screen in a Firefly Fun House segment and they booked that match. The location wasn’t noted yet.