WWE NXT Superstar Gets Tattoo In Honor Of Royal Rumble Debut

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The 2020 Royal Rumble was a big night for a lot of people. Several NXT Superstars made their debuts in the big event. It was a big night for Tegan Nox.

Tegan Nox entered the Royal Rumble in the #28 spot. She honored that entry by getting it tattooed behind her ear. She shared a picture of the new ink along with a touching message about how much it meant to her.

No one will ever understand just how much Sunday & the Royal Rumble means to me!

Not only did I get to be in the match with my friends but I got to watch/work with my actual heroes & itโ€™s was the 1 PPV that I always watched live with my grandfather…it was more than special!

Nox also rocked ring attire that payed homage to Iron Man. It was a pretty good night for Tegan Nox even if she didn’t pull down the win.

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