WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

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The Street Profits are backstage and Ford runs down what’s happened so far. They say they don’t want the smoke that The Fiend is bringing. They get excited about the Royal Rumble match up next, and Dawkins improvises some theme musics to suggest who the winners might be.

Michael Cole announces that two spots have opened up for this match because Rusev and Bobby Lashley got into a brawl earlier today and they’re not medically cleared. That means there are five unknown spots. Brock is out first, obviously, and his first opponent is Elias. On his way to the ring, Elias says Houston has a problem because there is gorilla in the ring and his fat zookeeper. He sings a song about Brock and the Champion gets pissed and runs at him on the ramp.

Men’s Royal Rumble

Brock chases Elias into the ring and tackles him to the mat before delivering hammer blows to the head. Brock forces Elias to the corner and delivers multiple shoulders, then hits a German suplex. Brock asks for Elias’ guitar, which he then breaks over the back of Elias. Brock tosses him out. Elias Eliminated.

The next entrant is Erick Rowan, who brings his animal box to the ring with him. Rowan gets into the ring and elbows Brock but gets clotheslined right back out. Erick Rowan Eliminated. Rowan grabs his box and walks around the ring to leave through the crowd. Heyman gloats around ringside with the WWE Championship. Robert Roode is number four and he gets into the ring and delivers a few right hands to Brock before being whipped to the corner. Roode kicks Brock back but gets clobbered with a lariat, then hit with an F5 and thrown out. Robert Roode Eliminated.

John Morrison is out next victim and he tries to kick Brock but gets kicked back himself. Brock grabs Morritosn and belly-to-belly’s him over the ropes and out. John Morrison Eliminated. Number six is Kofi Kingston, who Brock defeated for the WWE Championship in about 4 seconds. Kofi ducks Brock and unloads a series of shots before being lifted and drilled into the corner. The fans chant for Kofi. Brock hits a German suplex, then lifts Kofi and slams him into the buckles. The timer ticks down and out comes Rey Mysterio, who also has some beef with Brock.

Rey kicks Brock and hits a dropkick to the knee, but Brock shoves Rey down. Brock whips Rey into Kofi in the corner, then whips both and clotheslines them. Brock German suplexes Rey, then hits Kofi with one. Big E is out next and he checks on Kofi and Rey, who have both rolled from the ring. All three men get into the ring together and attack Brock. He shoves them away but Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise. Big E hits The Big Ending. And Rey hits the 619! Big E delivers a tackle in the corner, then Rey looks to hit Poetry in Motion but Brock flicks him over and out! Rey Mysterio Eliminated.

Kofi looked to run off Big E’s back but Brock swatted him in mid-air like a fly. Brock then clotheslined Big E over and out. Big E Eliminated. Lesnar stands over Kofi and lifts him up for an F5 to the floor. Kofi Kingston Eliminated. That’s seven eliminations for Brock. Cesaro is the next entrant and he runs to the ring. Cesaro ducks a lariat and delivers European uppercuts. Lesnar with a suplex, then a clotheslines him over and out. Cesaro Eliminated.

Next out is a legit friend of Brock’s and a man who can apparently outwrestle Brock, Shelton Benjamin. The man comes to the ring and hugs Heyman, then gets into the ring and Brock gives him some respect. They hug and seem to form an alliance…until Brock hits him with a German suplex and clotheslines him out. Shelton Benjamin Eliminated.

Shinsuke Nakamura is next, along with Sami Zayn, but the latter turns and walks to the back. Nakamura unloads some forearms and knees on Brock, and catches him with an enziguiri. He looks for Kinshasa but Brock picks him up and tosses him over. Shinsuke Nakamura Eliminated. This is the first time anyone has ever eliminated ten people in a row. Number 11 however, is MVP, dressed as Black Panther!

MVP comes to the ring and Brock is dancing along to the music. MVP follows Heyman around the ring but Brock drags him into the ring. MVP hits some right hands a throat chop, but gets picked-up and F5’d. And MVP is over and out. MVP Eliminated. Keith Lee of NXT is next and Brock looks amazed! This is cool. Lee gets in the ring and stares at Lesnar, who comes up to him. They share a staredown as the fans “bask in his glory”. Brock delivers a knee, and tries to tackle Lee but he doesn’t fall. Keith then drops Lesnar with a shoulder, a tackle in the corner, then both men take each other out with stereo clotheslines.

Braun Strowman is number 14 and Lesnar is starting to look worried. Strowman tackles Brock in the corner, then Lee, then Brock, then dropkicks Lee, who rolls under the ropes. Strowman runs around the ring and tackles Lee, then gets back inside and lariats Brock. Strowman lifts Brock but Lesnar climbs down and hits  a German suplex. Then one to Lee, one to Strowman, and another to Lee. Strowman and Lee are first to their feet and they go blow-for-blow until Brock throws them both out. Keith Lee & Braun Strowman Eliminated.

Ricochet is up next and he hits Brock with a springboard crossbody…but gets caught and hit with a backbreaker. Lesnar hits a German suplex, and kicks Ricochet in the corner as the clock ticks down. Drew McIntyre is next and he doesn’t look phased by Lesnar at all. McIntyre gets on the apron and enters the ring to stand with Brock. The Champion takes his gloves off but Ricochet low-blows him from behind and McIntyre hits a Claymore Kick to put him out!!! The arena goes wild!

Ricochet hits Drew with a springboard dropkick. Ricochet with a standing moonsault but McIntyre grabs hold of him, stands up, and throws him over and out. Ricochet Eliminated. The Miz is out next. McIntyre and Brocj are just staring daggers at each other. Miz tries to sucker McIntyre but gets hit with a Future Shock DDT. Claymore Kick and out you go. The Miz Eliminated.

Brock finally gets to his feet and he’s still staring at McIntyre. The fans sing “goodbye” to Lesnar as he departs through the crowd. AJ styles is the next entrant, and he goes after Drew with hands. McIntyre puts AJ on the apron and Styles attempts the Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre dodges it. McIntyre hits a shoulder tackle, then lifts Styles up but AJ counters into the Calf Crusher. Dolph Ziggler is number 19 and he talks trash to Drew, allowing Styles to chop block the Scotsman.

Dolph and AJ team on McIntyre until Ziggler cheap-shots AJ. McIntyre tosses Ziggler across the ring, then chops him in the corner. Drew is attempting to eliminate Styles when Karl Anderson’s number comes up and he saves Styles. Drew clocks Drew with a superkick, then all three men try to throw him out until Styles kicks Ziggler for some reason. Anderson and Dolph fight around the ropes, while AJ brawls with McIntyre.

And here he is. Edge. Holy hell. The Rated R-Superstar is indeed back. Edge is in incredible shape and takes his sweet time coming to the ring, hopefully not blowing his adrenaline. Ziggler, Styles, and more look flabbergasted, just like the crowd. Edge gets into the ring and Spears Ziggler, only for the camera to pan away, Edge spears Anderson, then McIntyre. Edge then comes face-to-face with AJ and the crowd are going bananas. They trade shots and Styles hits a Pele kick, but then Edge hits a Spear!

Corbin gets in the ring and hits a chokeslam backbreaker on Anderson. McIntyre turns Ziggler inside out with a chop. Corbin punches Edge down in the corner. Edge then eliminates Styles from the match. AJ Styles Eliminated. NXT’s resident Bro, Matt Riddle, is the next entrant. Riddle kicks away at everyone he nears, before hitting Edge with a Ripcord Knee. Corbin then grabs Riddle by the hair and unceremoniously eliminates him. Matt Riddle Eliminated.

Corbin helps Ziggler up and waves goodbye to Riddle. Luke Gallows is the next entrant and he comes in to help Anderson and Styles. Corbin hits Edge with a Deep Six then poses…only for McIntyre to eliminate him! King Corbin Eliminated. Gallows and Anderson grab Edge and hit the Magic Killer. They stand over him and wait for the next competitor. Luckily for Edge, it’s a former tag team partner. Orton gets in the ring and gives Gallows and Anderson RKO’s. Rated-RKO then reunite to eliminate Gallows and Anderson with clotheslines. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Eliminated.

Orton and Edge smile at each other and Randy compliments his physique. Roman Reigns is next and he gets a fair amount of boos. Reigns gets into the ring and clocks everyone with uppercuts, then Spears Ziggler and tosses him out. Dolph Ziggler Eliminated. Reigns attacks Drew but the Scotsman turns the tables and slams him into the buckles. The next entrant is Kevin Owens and he attacks McIntyre, then Orton and everyone is down in corners. Owens hits Edge and Roman with cannonballs, then a pop-up powerbomb to Drew and a Stunner to Roman. Orton stalks Owens but then he too gets Stunned.

Aleister Black is next and he exchanges with Owens, before dropping him with a knee. Edge looks for a spear but Black knees him as well. McIntyre attempts a Claymore Kick but gets caught with Black Mass. Number 29 is Samoa Joe, and he comes down to a great reaction. Joe and Black trade shots with Joe dropping Black with a kick. Joe clobbers Black in the corner with a step-up kick, and Owens hits him with a cannonball. Joe and Owens come face-to-face and start throwing hands. Joe drops KO with a kick.

The number 30 slot goes to Seth Rollins, flanked by Buddy Murphy, Akam, and Rezar. Rollins slowly makes his way to the ring. Owens and Joe go under the bottom rope and brawl on the ramp. AOP, Rollins, and Murphy pull Edge and Orton from the ring and beat them on the outside. Rollins gets in the ring and hits McIntyre with The Stomp, then one for Roman. Rollins lifts Roman but Black kicks him in the back.

Black drops Rollins, then looks for a springboard but Murphy pulls the ropes. Rollins hits The Stomp and throws Black out. Aleister Black Eliminated. Owens hits Rollins with the Stunner and tosses him out…but he’s caught by Akam and Rezar and rolled back in. Rollins then tosses Owens out. Kevin Owens Eliminated. Joe immediately grabs Rollins from behind with a Coquida Clutch but Murphy attacks Joe from behind and Rollins tips him over the ropes. Samoa Joe Eliminated.

Seth Rollins loses his posse as AOP, Murphy, Owens, Black, and Joe brawl around ringside and to the back. Edge and Randy return to the fray and Seth is surrounded – with McIntyre and Reigns on the other sides. Rollins tries to calm everyone down and pleads to Roman for help, even extending his fist, but Roman Superman punches him. Edge grabs Seth and throws him into a powerslam from Orton. Claymore from Drew and out he goes. Seth Rollins Eliminated.

We are down to the final four: Roman Reigns, Edge, Randy Orton, and Drew McIntyre. The Scotsman is the only one no to have won this match. Rated RKO team up and go after Reigns and Roman. Orton sends Roman into the ring post, then hits a backbreaker. Orton punches Drew but eats a Glasgow Kiss. Orton hits McIntyre with an RKO, then Edge hits a Spear. Orton and Edge lift McIntyre and hit a double RKO. Orton stalks Edge but Edge catches him, so Orotn just shrugs.

Edge throws Orton over as they’re agreeing to work together again. Randy Orton Eliminated. Edge stares at Reigns, who comes face-to-face with him, then they tee off. Reigns hits Orton with an uppercut, followed by a Superman punch. Roman readies for the Spear but Edge leap frogs him and hits a Spear of his own! Edge throws him over but Roman lands on the apron. Edge hits the ropes and tries to Spear Roman but nobody’s home. Reigns kicks Edge and drags him onto the apron. They trade shots and teeter on the edge until Roman eliminates him. Edge Eliminated.

Reigns gets back in the ring and drops Drew with a Superman punch. Roman tries to throw Drew out but he holds onto the ropes. Roman wants to hit a Spear but instead he gets hit with a Claymore Kick! Drew lifts Roman and throws him out!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is the winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble. The Scotsman will go on to WrestleMania to face (almost certainly) Brock Lesnar. Drew looks emotional as he poses on the ropes and points at the WrestleMania sign.

And that’s it for WWE Royal Rumble 2020. We’ll see you tomorrow night for WWE Raw. Until then, safe travels!

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