WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

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WWE Universal Championship

Strap Match

(C) The Fiend Vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings after the referee has attached both men to the 23ft strap. Wyatt attacks Bryan right away but Daniel turns the tables and starst delivering punches in the corner. The Fiend powerbombs Bryan with aplomb, before whipping his back with the leather strap. He hits him with the strap again and again, then headbutts him.

The Fiend whips Bryan into the ropes but eats a kick. Bryan then sidesteps Wyatt, sending him to the floor. Bryan tries for a short suicide dive but Wyatt sends him into the barricade in mid-air. The Fiend throws Bryan into the ring post, then whips him again with the belt and Bryan’s back is turning bright red. A whip to the chest from Wyatt, then another, and back into the ring.

The Fiend puts Bryan on the top rope and whips his back again. Bryan’s arm is bleeding. The Fiend hangs Bryan in the tree of woe and whips his chest/stomach with the belt until he falls to the mat. The Fiend hits a Urinage to Bryan, before going to the corner and hanging upside down. He goes to life Bryan but eats a few kicks. Wyatt grabs Bryan and tries to hit Sister Abigail but Bryan counters it and hits the running knee, but Wyatt kicks out!

Bryan suckers The Fiend over the ropes, then climbs to the top rope and dives onto him at ringside. Bryan gets the strap either side of the ring post, so he can pull Wyatt into the post over and over. Bryan then hits a running knee of the apron that sends The Fiend into the barricade, but Wyatt bounces right back with a lariat that flips Bryan inside out. More slaps of the belt by Wyatt.

The Fiend clears the German announce table and puts Bryan on it. He stands over him but Bryan low-blows him. Bryan kicks him a few times before hitting a DDT on the table! Bryan grabs the strap and whips The Fiend with it over and over as the fans chant “Yes!” Bryan gets The Fiend back in the ring and hits him with a missile dropkick.

Bryan kips-up and delivers the Yes Kicks, intermittent with strap lashes. The Fiend sits right back up and asks for more, so Bryan lashes him with the belt in the face, then kicks him again. Bryan delivers kicks to the head while holding his arms, then takes to the corner and rallies a Yes! chant. Bryan runs for the knee but gets caught with a gnarly Sister Abigail…but kicks out!

The Fiend looks shocked. The Fiend whips Bryan with the belt again and lifts Bryan, who slaps him. Wyatt slaps Bryan back. Bryan climbs onto the top rope and The Fiend grabs him with a Mandible Claw, but Bryan turns it into an armbar over the ropes. The Fiend drags Bryan back into the centre of the ring with the claw…but Bryan counters with the LeBell Lock and uses the strap across the face of The Fiend to crank it in. The Fiend turns Bryan over and delivers clubbing right hands.

Again Wyatt uses the belt to whip Bryan. He lifts him up and looks for Sister Abigail but Bryan rolls him up for a near-fall. They separate and Bryan hits another running knee but The Fiend kicks out! Bryan gets fired-up and the fans chant, but The Fiend just hops up like nothing happened. Bryan and The Fiend just stare at each other. Bryan whips him with the belt in the chest a few times but Wyatt no sells it. The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw and Bryan kicks him a few times, so he lifts Bryan and slams him while holding the Claw to win.

Winner: The Fiend

The Fiend takes his title after the match and disappears. The lights come up and officials come to check on Bryan. We see the many welts on his back. Bryan struggles to his feet and the fans give him an ovation. Bryan has a hard time walking to the back, stumbling and falling but he refuses help.

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