WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

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King Corbin cuts a promo backstage and says Roman Reigns can’t beat him without his henchmen. But in the Rumble he won’t have any henchmen to hide behind.

SmackDown Women’s Championship

(C) Bayley Vs. Lacey Evans

This title match gets underway following introductions, and they lock-up with Lacey tossing Bayley across the ring. Another toss from Lacey and a cover for one. Bayley kicks Lacey and tries to unlace the turnbuckle but the referee stops her. Lacey sweeps Bayley’s legs, then the Champion feigns a knee injury and won’t let Evans continue.

Bayley sucker punches Evans then drops her face-first onto the buckles. Bayley climbs up top and hits the big Macho Elbow Drop for a near-fall. Bayley applies a sleeper to Evans, then hits a suplex for a one-count. Evans fights back and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but Bayley goes right back to the sleeper.

Evans slams Bayley into the buckles but gets caught with a lariat. Evans punches Bayley but gets dropped with a high elbow. Lacey trips Bayley so she falls into the buckles. Evans rolls-up Bayley for a two-count, then dodges a crossbody from the Champion. Lacey builds a head of steam with clotheslines and a running knee. Evans hits a rope-assisted bronco buster, followed by a flying dropkick into the corner.

Bayley rolls to the outside and Evans leaps over at her but Bayley moves. Bayley tosses Lacey into the barricade right by her husband and daughter. Bayley grabs her and throws her into the barricade again. They get back in the ring and Evans fires back, hits a standing moonsault. Lacey climbs to the middle rope and looks for the springboard moonsault but Bayley gets her knees up. Bayley pins and holds the tights for the win!

Winner: bAYLEY

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