WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

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Fire & Desire are interviewed backstage. Sonya Deville says they are such a team and care so much about each other that, if it came down to the two of them, she would eliminate herself and allow Rose to win. Deville walks off and Rose looks torn.

Michael Cole mentions the terrible passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others today in a helicopter crash. We see a graphic for Kobe.

Women’s Royal Rumble

The first two entrants in this match are Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair. The bell rings and Belair immediately lifts Bliss and tries to throw her over but Alexa fights down. Belair flips over Alexa and tackles in the corner hard. Belair puts Bliss on the top rope and punches her but Alexa fights off and delivers a punch and a dropkick.

Belair swings a punch and misses. Alexa looks for a tilt-a-whirl but Belair holds her and hits backbreaker. Belair hits a handspring moonsault. The third entrant is Mighty Molly Holly! She comes to the ring and poses to a nice reaction. Holly tries to throw Belair over but she lands on the apron. The two modern women gang-up on Holly, who takes them both down with a double clothesline.

Holly takes to the top rope and hits a crossbody to bot women and poses. Molly tries to throw Belair over as the clock starts counting down. Nikki Cross is out next and Alexa looks thrilled. Cross lariats Molly, then drops Belair with a forearm. She and Alexa hits stereo splashes in the corner, then stereo chops to the chest. Bliss and Cross hug, but then Holly and Belair kick and slam them onto each other.

Cross dropkicks Molly Holly, then Belair spears Cross. Alexa catches Belair with a Sunset Bomb, then Holly hits a running neckbreaker. All four women are down as Lana is out next, dressed as Captain Marvel. Lana talks on the way to the ring, saying she’s the best Superstar in history, and that she’s better than everyone in the crowd. She says she will win the Royal Rumble for her hot husband, Bobby Lashley. Lana gets in the ring and kicks Bliss, then hits Cross with a faecbuster. Lana tries to eliminate Mighty Molly but she hangs on.

Our next entrant is Mercedes Martinez. The NXT superstar slams Nikki Cross, then hits Belair with a German suplex. Lana attacks Martinez, who hits her with a butterfly suplex. Martinez puts Lana on the apron and they brawl but she can’t get Lana out. The clock ticks down and Liv Morgan is out next…wearing something that hearkens back to Kat.

Morgan runs to the ring and immediately knocks Lana from the apron. Lana Eliminated. Lana sits on the floor and screams. Martinez lifts Liv onto the apron but she gets knocked back. Morgan climbs to the top rope but Lana jumps up and pulls her off to the floor! Liv Morgan Eliminated. Liv and Lana brawl on the floor until they’re pulled apart by referee’s.

Mandy Rose is number 8 and she’s wearing even less than Liv Morgan. Nikki Cross runs at Mandy but gets dropped with a shoulder. Rose drives a knee into Cross, then slaps her hard. Rose lifts Mandy and puts her on the apron but Nikki fights her back. Nikki gets back in the ring, runs and takes her down with a crossbody. Our next entrant is Candace LeRae, dressed like Harley Quinn.

LeRae hits Mercedes with a dropkick from the top rope, then delivers a running boot to Cross. LeRae hits a springboard crossbody to Nikki Cross, then all the women in the match are busy in the corners. Bianca Belair tosses Holly out. Might Molly Holly Eliminated. Mandy Rose is thrown over the ropes by Alexa and kicked off the apron. We think she’s been eliminated until the camera comes around and we see she has landed on Otis! Mandy stands up on Otis and smiles at him as she jumps back onto the apron.

Otis rips his shirt off and poses for the fans. The referees search for where he came from. The camera counts down and out comes Sonya Deville, who sprints to the ring and delivers big right hands to LeRae and Nikki. Deville joins Rose in attacking LeRae in the corner. Mercedes and Sonya trade shots in the ring until Rose helps Sonya drop her with a high/low. They toss her over and out. Mercedes Martinez Eliminated.

Kairi Sane is out next and she takes out both Bliss and Cross with a double spear. Kairi then catches Sonya with a hurricanrana and a running blockbuster to Rose. Sane counters Belair to hit a DDT, then hits Candace with an Alabama Slam. Mia Yim of NXT is out next and she runs to the ring and hits Sane with a neckbreaker. Eat Defeat to Nikki Cross, then Yim tries to eliminate her but can’t get her over.

Belair lifts Bliss in a military press but Cross saves her. Then Bianca puts Nikki on the apron, lifts Bliss and uses Alexa’s feet to hit Nikki and knock her off. Bianca puts Bliss on the apron and tries to knock her off but Alexa grabs her hair to hold on. Sonya Deville inadvertently hits Rose on the apron and knocks her off but Otis catches her again! Sonya is tossed onto the apron by Belair and knocked off, and she bounces into Rose and Otis. Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose Eliminated.

Dana Brooke is out next and she takes to the top rope to hit a senton bomb to Mia Yim. Dana hits a springboard back elbow to Bianca Belair, then an enziguiri to Yim. Mia fights back with kicks to Brooke and then tries to throw her out but Sane stops it. Belair lifts Candace LeRae with a military press and throws her out! Candace LeRae Eliminated. Belair is now tied for most eliminations in the women’s match.

Alexa Bliss fights with Kairi Sane on the top rope until Alexa gets knocked into the ring. Bliss kicks Sane off and to the floor! Kairi Sane Eliminated. Tamina is out next and superkicks Dana Brooke. Tamina comes face-to-face with Bianca Belair and the fans get excited. They trade shots and Tamina knocks her against the ropes, runs, and gets thrown out! Tamina Eliminated.

Dakota Kai is out next and she delivers a few big kicks before resuming the corner struggles with everyone else. Chelsea Green is out next with her representative, Robert Stone. She comes in and immediately throws Dakota out. Dakota Kai Eliminated. Green stands on the bottom rope and smiles at Kai but then Alexa tosses her over! Chelsea Green Eliminated. Alexa does the same thing, standing on the bottom rope, and Dana Brooke pulls her around, kicks her, then lifts her up and tries to throw her over but Alexa fights off. Brooke is knocked out by Bianca Belair, for her seventh elimination!

For the time being we’re down to the same two that started the match, Bliss and Belair. They go at it and Alexa slams Belair. Bliss climbs up top and looks for Twisted Bliss but Bianca got the knees up. Belair lifts Alexa and tries to powerbomb her over but Alexa drags her over and they both land on the apron. Belair attacks Bliss but has her hair grabbed. They struggle until Belair uses her hair to whip Bliss into the ring post and she’s out! Alexa Bliss Eliminated.

The next entrant is Charlotte Flair, who slowly makes her way to the ring as Bianca Belair catches her breath. Flair runs at Belair and hits a backbreaker. Flair with chops to the chest and an exploder suplex. Flair kips up and runs at Belair in the corner but nobody’s home. Naomi is out next and gets a great reaction.

Naomi uses her agility and fights to a stalemate with Flair, so they agree to put Belair out. They hit her with a double suplex, then Flair chops Naomi into the corner. Beth Phoenix is number 19 and she stomps to the ring to attacks Charlotte Flair. Beth drops Naomi with a forearm, then lifts her over and onto the apron. Charlotte and Beth try to attack Naomi but gets kicked back, and Naomi hits both with a springboard crossbody.

Toni Storm is next and she attacks Naomi, then Charlotte in the corner. Flair chops Storm, and Naomi joins them in the corner. Belair climbs to the top rope and Flair turns, sees her, and kicks her off and out! Bianca Belair Eliminated. Kelly Kelly is the next surprise entrant and she hits Naomi with a Thesz Press. Kelly hits Toni Storm with a long tilt-a-whirl, followed by a stinkface. Charlotte drops Kelly with a big boot.

Beth Phoenix throws Charlotte to the apron and tries her best to get her out but can’t. Sarah Logan is number 22 and she runs to the ring. Logan tackls Flair and brawls with her in the corner. Flair throws Logan out with ease. Sarah Logan Eliminated. Kelly Kelly tries to surprise Charlotte and toss her out but gets thrown onto the apron and clobbered herself. Kelly Kelly Eliminated.

Natalya is out next and she helps Beth Phoenix, who was being ganged-up on. Beth and Nattie form an alliance and Phoenix has a lot of blood in her hair somehow. Charlotte performs ten punches in the corner on Nattie, but Beth grabs her and they hit a double powerbomb to Flair. Xia Li is the next entrant and she runs to the ring and drops Natalya with a boot, then Phoenix as well. Li counters a body slam from Flair and connects with a dropkick. Charlotte slams her into the buckles, then lifts her onto the top rope and they struggle.

Zelina Vega is out next and she seems to be dressed as Mileena from Mortal Kombat. Vega hits Naomi with a tilt-a-whirl DDT, then a hurricanrana to Phoenix, and a series of kicks to Storm and a DDT. Charlotte is triple-teamed by Li, Phoenix, and Natalya in the corner, but Naomi prevents it. The next entrant is NXT’s Shotzi Blackheart, who rolls under a clothesline from Storm and hits an enziguiri.

Naomi is knocked to the apron and Natalya hits her but she runs down the steps and leaps off onto the barricade and grabs holds like John Morrison! Naomi climbs up onto the barricade and shimmies along it to stand on the announce table. Carmella is the 27th entrant and Naomi is still standing on the announce table. Carmella hits Natalya with the Mella-Go-Round headscissors. Naomi moves onto the middle announce table as Carmella hits a bronco buster to Natalya. Flair hits Carmella with Natural Selection, but then Phoenix hits Flair with a Glam Slam. Phoenix and Nattie throw Charlotte into the ring post and she falls out of the ring to the floor.

Tegan Nox is out next and she runs to the ring and drops different people with lariats, then a senton to Phoenix, chokeslam to Vega, but gets hit with a Glam Slam from Beth. The clock ticks down to number 29 and it’s Santina Marella! Beth Phoenix looks like she’s seen a ghost! Santina comes to the ring to a huge reception and tries to high five Beth Phoenix but she isn’t reciprocating. Santina eliminated Beth during a WrestleMania battle royale to become Miss WrestleMania. Phoenix is pissed and Natalya stands at the other side of Santina, so Marella pulls out the cobra. She considers hitting one of them but, instead, hits herself and flies over and out!

Number 30 is Shayna Baszler, the two-time NXT Champion. Baszler grabs Charlotte at ringside and slams her into the steel steps. Baszler gets into the ring and drops Natalya, then Phoenix, and throws Xia Li out. Xia Li Eliminated. Baszler grabs Tegan Nox and throws her out as well. Tegan Nox Eliminated. Baszler then lifts Vega and applies the Kirifuda Clutch on the apron until she just drops. Zelina Vega Eliminated.

Shotzi tries to toss Baszler out but Shayna uses her feet to drag her over and out. Shotzi Blackheart Eliminated. Naomi, finally, grabs the lid of the announce table and uses it as a bridge from the table to the steps to run across and re-enter the match. Meanwhile, Baszler just lifted and tossed Carmella out. Carmella Eliminated. Shayna grabs Toni and tosses her out. Toni Storm Eliminated.

Naomi comes off the top rope but Shayna ducks it. Naomi tries to give her a hip attack but Baszler catches her and dumps her over the ropes. Naomi Eliminated. That’s Baszler’s seventh elimination, matching Bianca Belair’s record from earlier tonight. Baszler is left in the ring with Nattie and Beth Phoenix, and Flair is still on the outside. Shayna attacks them both but gets caught with a Hart Attack. Beth then throws Nattie out! Natalya Eliminated.

Beth attacks Shayna and tries to throw her out but Baszler turns the tables. Charlotte comes back and tries to eliminate both but they both land on the apron. Baszler rolls back inside and unties her hair. She comes face-to-face with Flair and Charlotte looks scared. They pace around each other for a minute, but Phoenix grabs Flair and drags her over the ropes but she lands on the apron. Baszler tosses Beth out. Beth Phoenix Eliminated. Baszler sees Flair hanging on, so she runs over. Charlotte grabs Baszler with her feet and pulls her out!

Winner: Charlotte Flair

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