WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Results

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The 2020 Royal Rumble opens with a video package with the most winningest Superstar in the event history, Stone Cold Steve Austin, narrating and conveying the stakes of the Royal Rumble.

Falls Count Anywhere

Roman Reigns Vs. Baron Corbin

Reigns goes after Corbin before he reaches the ring. He attacks Corbin’s throne-bearers but the King sneak attacks Roman. They fight around ringside and Roman slams Baron into the steel steps.

The action spills into the ring and Roman pounds Corbin in the corner. Corbin rolls outside and Reigns tries to pull him back in but gets cracked with a right hand. Corbin climbs over the barricade but Roman drags him back over it and hits him with an uppercut.

Reigns gets Corbin back in the ring and hits a back suplex for a two-count. Roman looks for the Superman punch but the King side-steps it and hits Deep Six for a two-count. Corbin throws Roman from the ring and slams him into the barricade. Baron grabs the steel steps and hits Roman with them. Corbin tries to slam Roman into the announce table but the big dog turns the tables.

Corbin climbs the barricade and makes his way through the crowd as Roman pursues him. They brawl through the fans until they get back to ringside. Corbin cheap-shots Roman and chokeslams him onto the German announce table for a near-fall. They slowly get up and Roman punches Reigns a few times. He looks for the Superman punch but Corbin counters and chokeslams him through an announce table for another two-count!

Corbin gets frustrated and drags Roman past the barricade and up through the crowd towards a production area. Corbin punches Roman repeatedly and poses to the boos of the fans. They reach the row of international commentators and Reigns hits a Samoan drop through one of the tables. Both men slowly get back to their feet and Roman immediately lifts Corbin and hits another Samoan drop through a table for a near-fall!

They get back up and Corbin rams Roman into some production boxes, then crawls up some steps into a technical area. Roman stalks after Corbin but Ziggler and Roode appear and attack him. Soon thereafter, Jimmy and Jey Uso appear and attacks Ziggler and Roode. All four men are brawling in the technical area, then Ziggler and Roode drag Jey Uso to the outfield area of the baseball stadium, where there are no fans, and beat him with a trash can.

Roode places a steel barricade across some production boxes and are about to slam Jey on it, when Jimmy flies off some scaffolding and crossbody’s them! Corbin appears and slams Jimmy on the barricade, then Roman appears and hits Corbin with two Superman punches that send him reeling. Roman beats Corbin over to a set of porta-potty’s and slams him into them. Roman throws Corbin into one of them and slams the door in his face. Roman drags the porta-potty and tips it over!

Roman lifts Corbin and uppercuts him as they again make their way through the crowd. They fight over to the dug-out and climb up on top of it. Roman hits a Superman punch, then runs and Spears Corbin for the win!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are backstage. Owens says this is a good town for him, because he won the Intercontinental Championship here. Hopefully tonight he can elimiante Seth Rollins and win the whole thing. Joe stares at him and Owens says he touched a nerve. Joe says he did but they need to focus on the positive; when it comes to Seth Rollins, he will have his back. But if it comes down to them it’s every man for himself.

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