WWE is holding a Royal Rumble event on Sunday and plenty of surprises could be on the way.

During Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry said that Conor McGregor showing up in WWE would be big business. The Royal Rumble could be a huge location for McGregor to make a WWE debut as well, but it’s not happening.

Henry then went on to explain that Conor McGregor’s ego wouldn’t allow him to do anything in the big match except for win the entire thing.

“As a businessman, I do think that he could. I would not let my personal feelings for him affect business. That’s just the way I’ve been taught in this business. Do I think that he will be an entrant in the Battle Royal? No.”


“Too much ego [he’d] want to win. I just know, I just feel, that he would want to win. That will be more important to him than coming in and making a splash and everybody in the ring, stopping, turning to him and walking slowly toward him. And then just rushing him and throwing him out. Which would be just as good as him winning, but he’s too stupid to realize what doing good business is.”

It might be really hard to do business in WWE with someone like Conor McGregor. Bully Ray pressed further Henry by asking: “you get a phone call from Vince [McMahon] tomorrow and Vince says you’re the perfect guy for an angle with Conor McGregor, Mark Henry are you doing it or not?”

The World’s Strongest Man replied that he would do business with Notorious.

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