Social media is an interesting place to spend your time. Recently a meme with Dolly Parton in different outfits has captured everyone’s attention. Now Carmella wants the same treatment.

The #DollyPartonChallenge is now a thing. People are challenged to make a square collage of four pictures with different social media websites under each one. You can use any site you want from Myspace to the F4W Message Boards. Most of the time people pick LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

Carmella saw that someone did this for Cathy Kelley and she wanted one too. One fan told Carmella that the name of the game is that you need to make it yourself. She replied back saying:

Yes I get it, I’m just too lazy to make one myself. I wanna see what y’all come up with.


This entire thing seemed to confuse Corey Graves. He sent out a “WTF?” animated gif wondering why his girlfriend wants someone to make a meme of her with different dating websites.

WWE On Fox eventually made Mella her meme.

Felix Upton

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