AEW filmed their episode of Dynamite from the Chris Jericho Cruise this week. They recorded everything and then sent the master tapes back to Atlanta using two airplanes.

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Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio that after Britt Baker’s win over Priscilla Kelly she stuck around to berate Tony Schiavone. This was definitely in place to act as her full turn into heel status.

“[Tony Schiavone] is asking her about her questionable tactics and she says: ‘Tony don’t question me.’ She says ‘We all love you and we all know that this is your meal ticket because before this you worked at Starbucks — everybody boos like crazy — then the crowd’s booing, booing, booing. She goes, ‘You worked at Starbucks — you were a sh*tty barista!’ She said you were a sh*tty. I laughed so hard because her issue is not that he was a barista, he was a sh*tty one on top of it.”

Baker continued to berate Tony Schiavone for his previous job at Starbucks. This cemented her heel turn as everyone on the boat was booing her. Then she called herself the hottest person on the boat and bragged about how smart she is as a dentist.

Tony Schiavone did work at Starbucks before he made a return to the pro wrestling world. He has stated in the past that he just did this when he had downtime from calling baseball games and it wasn’t financially imperative. He just did it because he wanted to learn how to make coffee. Now Britt Baker is using it as fodder to turn heel.

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