Renee Young has to get around a lot. She makes flights all of the time so she should know that shoes must be taken off and put through an X-ray machine before passengers can proceed to their flight.

Apparently, Young needs to go sock shopping. She has enough stylish shoes, but the WWE Backstage host found herself complaining about the fact that she must take off her shoes at the airport to expose her less-than sophisticated sock selection.

Every pair of shoes I have sets off the alarm at TSA. I’m just trying to glide through the airport like the savvy business woman I am, and then security makes me remove my shoes and all the other REAL ladies of the world see I’m just a lowly child lady with mismatched Nike socks.

Renee Young will probably get the knack for things eventually. While she’s dealing with airport security her husband’s job sent him on a cruise. So, both members of the Moxley household traveled today in much different ways.

Felix Upton

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