CM Punk Throws Down Another WWE Royal Rumble Tease

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CM Punk has not signed any kind of deal with WWE that we have heard of. He only has a deal with Fox to appear on WWE Backstage. That won’t stop CM Punk from teasing a little bit.

Fans might not see CM Punk in Houston at the Royal Rumble, but some are still hoping for a Second City Savior return. He is still rather high on the betting odds list of possible Royal Rumble winners.

The WWE On Fox Twitter account asked who’s making a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble this year. CM Punk replied back with a “fingers crossed” emoji and a picture of Savio Vega’s “Kwang” persona.

Punk was obviously having some fun with this post. Chiming into a conversation with this subject matter has caused fans to start speculating once again.

Things were really kicked up a notch when WWE On Fox replied back with a picture of CM Punk from when he invaded that indie show for a quick GTS. CM Punk is still not admitting that was him. (It was him.)

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