Bray Wyatt Astonished By Negativity On Social Media

Bray Wyatt worked hard to rebuild his character, but some fans aren’t happy. All of the negativity hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The WWE Universal Champion sent out an Instagram post where he discussed the negativity on social media. After repeating some of the things he has heard from fans online, Bray Wyatt hoped that people will be better.

You are stale. They ruined you. He is boring. I hate his matches.
My life is art. My art’s successes and my loved ones are the only exit I have from my mental health. You have no idea how much a simple, thoughtless comment on social media can directly affect the person you are sending it to. With great power comes great responsibility. The negativity in our world is astonishing. And mental health is at an all time decline. Be better…. it could save a life. They saved mine.
I love you JoJo
I love you kids
I love you Mom

Bray Wyatt is correct about a lot of things. People are growing increasingly hard to please and he knows this all too well. At least he was able to find people to help him find happiness.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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