Triple H cracked a joke about Paige that was not received well at all. It upset Paige’s boyfriend and a lot of other fans as well. Triple H later apologized for his poor attempt at humor.

Paige tweeted out a message about getting wrapped up in social media. The negativity can be overpowering and make someone forget how loved they are. She realizes that the negative comments are only a small fraction of the people who have good intentions. This is something she needs to remember.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in social media and the negativity you forget how loved you are by the bigger majority. The negative ones even though they jump out the most are just a tiny percent. Everyone has to remember that. I have to remember that. Feeling positive

Paige’s time in WWE is far from over. She just signed a new contract, but it wasn’t as an in-ring performer. We’ll have to see if she ever wrestles again because Paige isn’t giving up hope. In the meantime, perhaps she will view her social media timeline a bit differently.

Felix Upton

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