Tegan Nox Says She Will END Dakota Kai

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Tegan Nox is not very happy with her old buddy Dakota Kai. She screwed her over at NXT TakeOver: WarGames and last night she struck again during the #1 contenders battle royal match.

Following NXT, Tegan Nox was not her usual happy self. She was quite perturbed and is now seeking to end Dakota Kai for good.

“Dakota, you think you can pull that? You think you can go out there and do that?! You have no idea what you’ve started. I’m coming for you and I’m gonna end you.”

It seems like the story is far from over between Kai and Nox. As Tegan Nox threw her knee brace to the ground it was quite apparent that her anger toward Dakota Kai has was only amplified this week.

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