Impact Wrestling ‘Hard To Kill’ Results – January 12th, 2020

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The North vs. Willie Mack Impact Tag Team Title Match

Rich Swann is injured, so Willie Mack will have a handicap match.

The North stomped Mack down in the corner after toying with him for a bit. Then Mack took them out and nailed Josh with a bodyslam and a knee. Page wouldn’t let Mack dive and then Alexander jumped Willie to maintain control.

Mack started to gain control once again and he hit a cannonball on Page and a Samoan Drop on Alexander. Then he missed a moonsault to lose control again.

Willie hit a running boot in the corner and an exploder suplex on Josh for a two count. Mack then lost control of the match once again where The North hit two double team moves for a two count.

The North put Mack on top, but Willie fought them both off. Then he hit a destroyer on Josh off of Page’s shoulders, but he couldn’t make the pin. Mack hit a dive on Page and climbed up for a 6 star frog splash, but Page pulled the referee out of the ring.

The North hit their double team move after taking stunners for the win.

Winner: The North

Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard – Impact World Title Match

Callihan started out with a kick and a Cactus Special 97 for a two count. Then Sami continued his assault. Tessa bit Sami’s forehead and hit Magnum for a two count. Both finishers in the first minute of the match.

Tessa sent Sami outside and hit three suicide dives to the floor. The third one saw Callihan catching her, but Tessa turned it into a rana. Tessa climbed up top and hit a somersault senton on Sami to the floor.

Sami hit Tessa with a cup of beer and sent her into the guardrails knees first. Tessa started selling her legs so Sami started to work on them more wrapping them around a steel post.

Callihan locked on another leg submission before Sami chopped her back and broke up the hold himself.

Callihan kept the abuse coming for Tessa until she kicked him to the floor, but she still couldn’t get to her feet.

Tessa laid on the outside and tried to punch feeling back into her knee. She got on the apron and tried to kick Callihan, but he grabbed her and powerbombed her into the barricade on the outside. The referee started to count and she barely made it in the ring.

Callihan removed the mat on the outside and set Blanchard up on the apron. They teased a bump to the floor and then Tessa climbed to the top and hit a magnum to the apron.

They made it back to the ring and started trading shots. Sami put Tessa down with a stiff chop, but she got right back up in his face to get beat back down. He yelled to “stay down,” but she came back. So he kicked her in the knee and then Tessa hit a Samoan Drop while selling her knee.

Blanchard took a boot to the face and then hung Callihan up for another magnum for a third magnum and a two count.

Callihan countered a move from Tessa with his Get Outta Here shoulder breaker and a two count. “Asshole” chants broke out. Sami and Tessa traded forearm shots and then Sami nailed a German Suplex. She got right back up.

Tessa nailed an RKO for a two count. That was close. “That was 3” and “Ref you suck” chants broke out.

Sami hit a sit-down powerbomb for a two count and transitioned into a leg stretching submission. Then he applied a rear chinlock on top of it. Blanchard was almost out, but she stayed in it to get her foot on the bottom rope.

Callihan grabbed his title and he spat on the referee. Then Sami put on brass knuckles, but Tessa kicked him with a low blow and climbed up top to hit a Magnum for a two count.

Then Tessa locked him in a crossface, but Sami got to his feet and bit her hand before hitting a Cactus Special 97 for a two count.

Callihan spit on Blanchard and gave her the finger. Then Tessa nailed some shots, but Callihan kicked her. Tessa nailed a Canadian Destroyer followed by a second one then she nailed a DDT for a the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

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