Triple H On Accepting He Can’t Wrestle As Often Anymore

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Getting older is never easy, especially for WWE Superstars. This is certainly true for Triple H.

Triple H recently spoke to Metro.Uk where he lamented a bit about getting older. He has a new set of responsibilities now and does not perform as a full time Superstar. As much as he would like to be working programs with every young Superstar he sees, that’s just not the world he lives in anymore.

‘While, yeah, in a fantasy world that’s very intriguing and there are a lot of talent… there are a lot of talent that I look back on my career and think, if I was in my prime, I’d be all over pitching ideas to do something with this talent,’ he said. ‘But the reality is, you’re not young anymore. It all moves on and it’s a young man’s business, and hopefully that always continues.’

Triple H can always come back for a WrestleMania match or some other big event from time to time. He’s not on television every week now because he is backstage helping create the content that fans enjoy every week.

That is his place in WWE now. It might have been tough to accept, but everything evolves.

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