The Usos can’t do anything quietly. As WWE Superstars everything they do is amplified by the fact that they are public figures. This includes getting a DUI.

Jimmy Uso was found not guilty by a jury and cleared of DUI charges. It was still quite an ordeal to go though. While speaking to After The Bell, Jimmy Uso addressed those mistakes.

“Well I mean, you know how it is, man. Like, let’s remember, we’re human beings, we make mistakes. The Usos make mistakes and everybody knows about it, you know what I’m saying? So when we do that, we never really had the chance to sit still because you stay movement so fast, you know we home a day and a half, the next day you on the road again, we’re in five cities in four nights, man so the road, it just keeps on going.”

Corey Graves mentioned how it’s like they don’t have time to address anything. This makes moving on very difficult. Jimmy Uso agreed with that sentiment as he discussed how bad decisions “trickle down.”

“Hell, no. And that’s exactly what it was. That’s exactly what it was, never really sat still and got to realize you know, when you mess up, it trickles down and the most people that it trickles to is to your close ones, the circle, your family. Your kids, your close friends, people you really rock with and you start to lose focus of that.”

“I think that’s where it got hard. I think that’s what it was man, just enjoying what we were doing, like, damn, man. It started to get rough. The road moves quick, man and you better take time for yourself to slow down and that’s exactly what we did.”

The Usos seem to be back an in an elevated spot on the WWE roster. Hopefully, their new hair cut and refreshed mindset will do them well as they jumped back into the WWE Universe right before the road to WrestleMania started.

Thanks to Wrestle Zone for the quote

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