Booker T really wants to face The Revival at the Royal Rumble. WWE is running out of time to make that match official. They’re running out of time to get Booker T to do anything at this point.

He’s already put WWE on notice about booking a match with The Revival vs Harlem Heat for January 26th’s Royal Rumble event in Houston. He might be working this angle further, but the five-time World Champion seemed serious about it.

Booker T could always work in the actual Royal Rumble match as a special surprise for the Houston crowd. They haven’t let him know about that either. On his radio show, Booker T said that he’s now giving WWE 48 hours to even let him know if he has a spot in the Royal Rumble match.

“48 hours. If I don’t get a phone call in 48 hours as far as if I’ve got a number in the Rumble. I don’t care if the number is 1, I don’t care if it’s 15, I don’t care if it’s 30. But, if I don’t have a number within 48 hours I will not be available to participate in this year’s Royal Rumble.”

Booker T said he can “wake up in my sleep and run one of these suckas into the ground.” It’s more about mentally. We’ll have to see what WWE wants to do, but they don’t seem to be cluing Booker T in on things.

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