Rusev is a patient man. He can wait for quite a while until his ex-wife’s lover comes down to break up her wedding ceremony. It’s a good thing he’s a WWE Superstar because that takes a unique set of skills.

While speaking to Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast, Rusev revealed that he was in that oversized wedding cake for half an hour. It was worth the wait because his surprise was the cherry on top that really destroyed the final WWE wedding of the decade.

“I was in that cake for about 30 minutes. I kind of ribbed myself because as soon as I got in, five minutes later I was drenched in sweat. You have no idea how hot that cake was. If I was back to 310 (pounds), it would have been impossible to fit in the cake. Call it fate or whatever you want that I was able to lose the weight so now I was able to fit in. When I was able to get in there is a tricky question because the lady who made it is a huge Rusev Day fan.”

“Thanks to her and her helpers, they were able to sneak me in when the timing was right. That’s what happens when you’re a Rusev Day fan. We find ways to help each other. The cake was in two parts. There was no way anyone was going to have a bigger cake than Lana. That backfired for her. If it was a regular cake, I would not have been able to pop out. Lana wanted the hugest cake.”

Rusev will now start 2020 as WWE attempts to put all of the pieces together that were strewn all over the RAW stage last week. Let’s see if he ends up needing to hide for another extended period of time in the process.

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