Vince McMahon has a lot of legends surrounding his name. There might be more fictitious tales about his character than real life accounts. That is what happens when someone has the mystique of McMahon.

During a recent article for Sportskeeda, Darren Young revealed the last time he saw Vince McMahon. Young had brought his “Pro and Bro Wrestling Podcast neighBRO Arnold Telagaarta” with him to a WWE event in Bakersfield. It was a RAW taping so there was a lot going on backstage.

Young said that he and Arnold went to an empty hallway because he needed to clear his head. Then Vince McMahon came out by himself to have a conversation on his cell phone.

The former Prime Time Player said that he’s seen Vince McMahon on his cell phone plenty of times. This time was different because although McMahon said “hello,” he didn’t recognize Darren Young. So, Young took off his sunglasses and addressed McMahon before he lost the moment forever.

Vince McMahon’s response was one that Darren Young might not have expected, but it was certainly welcomed.

Vince’s eyes got so big, and he said, “Oh my god, I didn’t even recognize you! How are you doing?” I said, “I’m doing well, Vince. This is my friend Arnold.” Vince shook his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Arnold.” I told Vince that I’m doing well. I let him know that I really do miss WWE. Vince smiled and said- “Give me a hug.” So, I gave him a hug and he looked over at Arnold and echoed the words- “Darren is one helluva guy.”

Darren Young misses being a WWE Superstar. He’s in great shape and focused, but Vince McMahon hasn’t called him yet. It appears that McMahon remembers him and he’s “one helluva guy” as well.

Felix Upton

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