MJF is quite outspoken and he doesn’t mind it one bit to offend anyone. He’s a classic heel in a new world. Things are working out quite well for him at this point.

While fans throw urine at MJF and try to jump the barricade to stab him, he has a smile on his face. One of his favorite things to do is degrade any human no matter of race, creed, or gender.

MJF uses the term “rat” a lot. This is an old term referring to female fans who like to “keep wrestlers company.” They are usually called “ring rats.” This is an offensive term. When he was politely asked to stop using this term by a female fan, it wasn’t received very well.

“Nah, rat,” was MJF’s short reply to a request that he stop using the offensive term. It seems like Tony Khan is the only person who he’s going to listen to about what he should and shouldn’t.

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H Jenkins

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