Lana and Bobby Lashley’s wedding angle on Raw brought a lot of attention. They introduced a homosexual twist to this already heated angle. Some fans were already upset about the fact that Bobby Lashley was with Lana in the first place.

 Sports Illustrated recently talked to Bobby Lashley about his current storyline in WWE. He discussed the hate he’s received and how he deals with it. There are a lot of hateful people out there who aren’t shy about typing very racist things.

“Yes, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of hate. We as a society come out and we’re anti-bullying, anti-hate, anti-this, anti-that, but I think we actually pick and choose who we hate and bully. Because everybody still knows me, and knows what I do and what I’m capable of doing — what I’ve done in my career as far as the military, being a single father, putting myself through college, graduating with honors, and I could keep going. But I received a tremendous amount of hate here across the board personally for the things that, I guess I do.”

“It’s all over the board. It’s from the fact that this is interracial, because I’ve had guys saying the n-word to me and, ‘I’m going to kill you, we’re going to get you when you come down south.’ I just kind of sit back and laugh about it.”

“I’ve even experienced some people that are in the business of wrestling, tweeting things and posting pictures, and I just sit back and laugh. A lot of times we feel that the person being hated on or being bullied should be a frail person. But now you take somebody like myself and Lana, who is a gorgeous woman, and we don’t look like the typical people that are bullied. I’m glad I have thick skin, because if I didn’t have thick skin, some of the things that I’ve had to experience would be very difficult to take.”

WWE has a lot of options with their current storyline. Fans are now waiting on the next step, but no matter what the fans say about it Bobby Lashley won’t let it bother him.

H Jenkins

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