Tazz Reacts To Corey Graves Calling Samoa Joe The ‘New & Improved’ Tazz

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The WWE announce team has seen several changes over the years. Now Vic Joseph and Tazz are the new and improved Michael Cole and Tazz according to Corey Graves.

The Human Suplex Machine saw this tweet from Corey Graves. It seems like Tazz has something to say about Graves calling anyone an improved version of him.

Gee whiz, new & “IMPROVED”? I wish them the best but luck! But, if they are a duo after YEARS of shows than its a fair comparison. @MichaelCole & I BATTLED for every opportunity as a team. #DuesPaid

Samoa Joe has paid his dues in the ring, but he’s new to the commentary world. It doesn’t seem like Tazz is under the impression Vic Joseph has earned his stripes either. Let’s see if Joseph and Tazz are still the Raw announce team in eight years to see if they’re really the next Cole and Tazz.


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