WWE Superstar Reveals Rejected Pitch For 24/7 Title

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R-Truth and Drake Maverick made the WWE 24/7 Title a viral sensation with their several back and forth wins. Maverick was hot on the trail of the WWE 24/7 Title and he needed the gold so he could consummate his marriage. Now that storyline is far behind us.

The WWE 24/7 Title is still held by R-Truth, but WWE is giving the title to NASCAR drivers as well. One fan tweeted out a bit criticism about the title, but Heath Slater saw this and replied that he tried to do something with it. WWE just rejected his idea.

I pitched for it. But as you can see…. Nothing.

Heath Slater could be very entertaining as WWE 24/7 Champion. If anything, it might be a nice change of pace. It seems like WWE has their own direction for the updated version of the Hardcore Title, whatever that might be.

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