Scorpio Sky Wants To ‘Openly Spit Game On Twitter’ Like Dave Bautista

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Batista has a way with words, at least it seemed to work with Dana Brooke. Now Scorpio Sky is taking notes.

The SCU member logged onto Twitter and saw Brooke and Dave Bautista’s flirting back and forth like everyone else. Naturally, he was impressed so he tweeted out that he someday hopes to have the same confidence as The Animal.

I strive for a level of confidence where I can openly spit game on Twitter like Batista. Woooooooooow!

We will continue to wait for Dana Brooke to spill all the beans on WWE The Bump this week. Until then this relationship between Dana Brooke and Batista seems to be legit. Scorpio Sky is obviously paying close attention to this situation as well.

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