WWE Survivor Series 2019 Results

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It’s main event time, and that means it’s Raw Women’s Champion Vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Vs. NXT Women’s Champion.

Becky Lynch (Raw) Vs. Shayna Baszler (NXT) Vs. Bayley (SmackDown)

The main event gets underway and all three women stare at each other. Bayley knocks Becky down and attacks Baszler. Lynch knocks Bayley down but then Baszler drops The Man with a right hand. Baszler stares at Bayley, then scoops her and unloads some ground and pound. They roll over and out of the ring and continue brawling until Lynch dives onto them both from the apron.

Becky tosses Bayley back in the ring and hits her with a flying forearm for a one-count. Lynch lands a few knees, but misses a leg drop. Lynch bridges out of a pin attempt, then baseball slides Baszler. Becky kicks Bayley and goes up top but gets thrown off by the former hugger. Bayley runs to hit a sunset bomb into the turnbuckles but Bayley compositely overshot and hit herself on the buckles…then went for the pin anyway.

Baszler comes back in and looks to stomp the elbow of Lynch but Bayley shoves her, causing Shayna to give her a death stare. Baszler gets suckered into the turnbuckles and the SmackDown Women’s Champion stomps her down. Baszler flips Bayley and stomps on her elbow. Shayna with a running knee in the corner, then whips Bayley into the opposite. Lynch comes back with a kick to Baszler, before delivering kicks to Bayley in the corner.

Shayna slams Bayley and kicks her in the face. Bayley connects with a kick to Baszler who rolls outside, then stomps Becky down and chokes her on the middle rope. The commentators say that Becky, Bayley, and the Four Horsewomen are often considered the golden era of the women in NXT but the current crop are even better. Bayley knocks Baszler from the apron but Lynch whips her into the corner.

Becky is tossed to the apron, where Bayley hits her with a Stunner. Baszler pulls Bayley off the pin but then she too is hit with the Stunner. Becky knocks Bayley down, followed by a Bexploder, and one to Baszler as well. Becky hits a DDT to Baszler and a reverse DDT to Bayley at the same time. The Raw Women’s Champion goes to the top rope and hits a leg drop but Shayna breaks it up. Bayley rolls-up Becky but gets caught in the Dis-Arm-Her. Bayley holds on until Baszler comes in and kicks her in the chest, then hits a gutwrench slam.

Bayley attacks Baszler before hitting the Bayley-To-Belly but Shayna kicks out. The crowd are pretty dead for this one. Baszler looks for the gutwrench to Bayley but gets knocked into the ropes. Bayley follows-up with a running knee in the corner but Baszler comes back with a double-leg takedown and some ground and pound. A suplex earns a two-count for the NXT Women’s Champion.

Baszler gets Bayley on her shoulders but Lynch comes off the top with a dropkick. CM Punk chant from the crowd. Becky and Baszler trade hands in the middle of the ring until Bayley returns and dives into them with a crossbody. Baszler scoops Bayley and slams her into the corner, then lifts her up top. Bayley fights back and knocks Baszler down. Bayley goes to the apron and kicks Lynch, then runs to jump on her but Shayna catches her with the Kirifuda Clutch!

Becky comes in behind Bayzler and hits her and Bayley falls to the floor. Lynch powerbombs Baszler for a near-fall. Baszler avoids the Dis-Arm-Her and applies the Kirifuda Clutch but Lynch runs her into the ropes, knocking Bayley off in the process. Shayna rolls-up Becky but The Man counters into the Dis-Arm-Her! Baszler rolls over to get out and applies the Kirifuda Clutch and Bayley runs at them but gets thrown over and out.

Bayley then pulls Shayna from the ring but the NXT Champion shoves her into the ring post. Baszler drives a knee into the back of Lynch, then into the ring post. Baszler slams Becky into the steps and the announce table, before lifting her up and tossing her onto the announce table with a powerbomb.

Bayley comes back with a clothesline to Baszler and puts her in the ring. Baszler grabs her in the Kirifuda Clutch but Bayley rolls over for a pin attempt. Shayna kicks out and goes right back to the submission but she doesn’t have it. Bayley hits a back suplex, then goes up top and looks for the Macho Elbow but gets caught with the Kirifuda Clutch! Bayley struggles and taps!

Winner: Shayna Baszler

RawSmackDownNXT 4

Shayna Baszler ensures NXT wins Survivor Series with aplomb. Baszler celebrates with her NXT Championship by standing on the announce table above Becky Lynch. The sore loser that is The Man swipes Baszler’s feet and she falls on the table. Becky hits Shayna with a snapmare onto the next table, then stands on the barricade and puts Baszler through the table with a leg drop.

We’re reminded that Baszler did not beat Becky Lynch and that Lynch is still The Man. Raw stands tall at the end of the show.

And that’s Survivor Series. A very good card all around but that ending left a bad taste in my mouth. Let me know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow for Monday Night Raw results! Until then, safe travels.

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