WWE Survivor Series 2019 Results

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We go backstage for an interview with Rey Mysterio. Sarah Schreiber asks Rey how he feels about tonight. Rey says it’s been over a decade since he faced Brock Lesnar but he’s a different Rey Mysterio. He says he will do things tonight that the old Mysterio wouldn’t even dream of. Rey says he considered retiring recently but he didn’t because of his son. And tonight is the kind of thing where he would tell his son to look away, but tonight he wants Dominic to watch very closely as he massacres Brock Lesnar and takes his WWE Championship.

It’s time for our second traditional Survivor Series match of the night. Team Raw is captained by Seth Rollins, with Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, and Ricochet. Team SmackDown is led by Roman Reigns, with King Corbin, Shorty G, Mustafa Ali, and Braun Strowman. And Tommaso Ciampa leads Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, Damian Priest, and Walter as Team NXT.

Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw Vs. Team SmackDOwn Vs. TeaM NXT

The match begins with Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, and Tommaso Ciampa representing their brands. Braun shoves both Ciampa and Rollins, then they attempt to take him down together but he floors both with a dropkick. Seth tags McIntyre and Ciampa tags Walter, meaning the three biggest men are in the match.

The fans chant for Walter as he and McIntyre team-up to try and take Strowman down. They manage to beat him down into the corner, then Drew drills Walter, but he barely sells it. McIntyre chops the chest of Walter, who fires back with chops of his own. McIntyre hits the ropes and they both go for a shoulder. Walter drops McIntyre with a kick then hits a running senton. Strowman sends Walter flying with a body attack.

Drew hits Braun, then Walter German suplexes McIntyre. Walter hits Braun, who gets mad and runs at him but Walter forearms him, then knocks him into the buckles with a front dropkick. McIntyre hits Walter with a Claymore Kick and pins him. Walter Eliminated.

Raw 5 SmackDown 5 Nxt 4

The fans are not happy about Walter being the first to go. Damian Priest comes in and stands toe-to-toe with Drew, then drops him with an elbow. Priest swings for Braun but gets caught and thrown into the corner. Braun runs but nobody’s home and he hits the ring post. Priest hits McIntyre with a cyclone kick but Shorty G tagged in and he hits Priest with a top rope moonsault.

Ricochet tags in and jumps over Shorty and they exchange a lot of reversals until Shorty hits a rolling deadlift German suplex! Matt Riddle tags in and engages in some wrestling with Shorty. Riddle slams Shorty down and they go back and forth with some beautiful amateur wrestling. Riddle gets the ankle lock in but Shorty reverses into one of his own. Riddle kicks him off and swings a few kicks but Shorty dodges them.

Ciampa tags in but Ricochet hits both and him and Shorty with a springboard moonsault. Kevin Owens makes the tag and goes up top – he can hit either Ciampa or Shorty with a frog splash and he pauses to think before diving onto Shorty for a pinfall. Shorty G Eliminated.

Raw 5 SmackDownNxt 4

Roman Reigns enters to loud boos but King Corbin tags himself in. Reigns and Corbin argue but KO drops Owens with a superkick. Owens then ducks Corbin and looks for the Stunner but Corbin shoves him off and rolls to the outside. Owens follows and superkicks Corbin on the floor, then hits Reigns with a cannonball against the barricade. Owens then hits Corbin with the Stunner on the outside and sends him back in…only to be caught with the draping DDT from Ciampa for the pinfall! Kevin Owens Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 4

Randy Orton enters the match and sneaks-up behind Ciampa, who turns and looks at him. They come face-to-face and Orton looks for an RKO but Ciampa shoves him against the ropes and clotheslines him out. Randy comes back up and Ciampa grabs him for the draping DDT but Orton shoves him off and gets off the apron.

Orton drags him from the ring, then slams Ciampa into the barricade and hits him with a back suplex on the apron. Orton methodically stomps on Ciampa and rakes his face with his knee. Ciampa tags Priest but gets hit with an RKO! Damian Priest looks for The Reckoning but he too gets hit with an RKO and gets pinned! Damian Priest Eliminated. Matt Riddle runs in and Orton looks for a third RKO but Riddle counters into a roll-up and gets it! Randy Orton Eliminated. The referee forces Orton out but in comes Corbin to pin Riddle. Matt Riddle Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 2

King Corbin tags Braun Strowman, who comes in to face Keith Lee. The fans sing “oh, bask in his glory” for Keith Lee. The two behemoths come face-to-face but McIntyre comes in for Raw and axe handles Lee. McIntyre knocks Roman from the apron but turns into a clothesline from Braun. Strowman knocks all of Raw from the apron, then runs around the ring shoulder tackling everybody!

Strowman runs around the ring a second time but Keith Lee dives into him! McIntyre hits Strowman with a Claymore Kick on the floor and he gets counted out! Braun Strowman Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 2

Ricochet comes in with a missile dropkick to Lee, jumps off Corbin and hits Mustafa with an enziguiri on the apron. Ricochet hits Corbin with a springboard clothesline, then flips over the ropes onto Roman Reigns on the floor. Ricochet heads up top and looks for the 450 but Lee moves. Ricochet runs into an End of Days from King Corbin and thats’ that. Ricochet Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 2

Mustafa Ali, the hometown boy, tags himself in off of Corbin, and hits a spinning heel kick to Ciampa. Ali kicks Rollins and hits Ciampa with a facebuster. Ali catches Rollins with a tornado DDT, then wipes-out Corbin, Ciampa, and Rollins with a suicide dive!

Ali throws Ciampa into the steel steps, then a superkick and slides back inside but Corbin pulls him out. Corbin berates Ali but Mustafa slaps him in the face. Mustafa slides back into the ring and gets caught with The Stomp for the pinfall.

RawSmackDownNxt 2

Roman and Corbin start arguing at ringside and Seth knocks Lee off the apron. Everyone brawls outside the ring, with McIntyre tossing Reigns into the barricade. Ciampa and McIntyre are legal in the ring and Drew hits the inverted Alabama Slam for a near-fall. McIntyre looks for the Claymore Kick but Reigns returns with a Spear to beat him. Drew McIntyre Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 2

Rollins immediately rolls-up Roman Reigns but the big dog kicks out. Rollins hits an enziguiri, then looks for a suicide dive but Roman connects with a mid-air uppercut, and follows-up with a Drive-By. Ciampa hits Reigns with Willow’s Bell as he attempts the re-enter the ring. Ciampa looks for the Fairytale Ending but Reigns spins out and hits a Superman punch.

Everyone is down and crawl to make tags. King Corbin runs in and knocks Lee from the apron, then lifts drags Reigns over to tag himself in. Corbin trash talks Roman in the corner, then looks for a chokeslam on Ciampa but he lands on his feet. Reigns hits Corbin with a Superman punch, followed by a spear and Ciampa takes the pinfall. King Corbin Eliminated.

RawSmackDown 1 Nxt 2

We have Reigns, Rollins, and Ciampa. The Shield boys team-up on the Psycho Killer and Keith Lee comes in to help but he too gets beat down. Rollins throws Ciampa from the ring and instructs Roman on what to do. Roman takes the top off the announce table and they look to powerbomb Ciampa through it but Keith Lee tackles all three of them!

Lee grabs Roman but gets rammed into the steel steps. Ciampa puts Rollins back in the ring and hits a running knee, followed by Project Ciampa but Seth kicks out! Ciampa looks for the Fairytale Ending but Rollins escapes, superkicks Ciampa, and goes for The Stomp but nobody’s home. Rollins comes off the top rope but gets caught with a knee. Ciampa attempts the Fairytale Ending but Reigns returns with a Superman Punch, followed by The Stomp from Seth. Tommaso Ciampa Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 1

Keith Lee gets into the ring and tackles both Reigns and Rollins as the fans sing for him. Lee with a biel to Rollins. Lee gets put on the apron but he dives over the ropes with a crossbody to both men! Lee looks to slam Rollins but Seth lands on his feet and delivers a superkick. Rollins heads to the top and hits a frog splash but Lee kicks out. The fans chant NXT but Rollins yells at them “I built it and I’ll tear it down”. Rollins looks for The Stomp but gets hit with a Jackhammer from Lee! Seth Rollins Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNxt 1

Reigns stares at Lee from outside the ring. The fans sing for Lee and Reigns slowly gets into the ring. Reigns hits a Superman Punch, then another but Lee kicks out at 2.9! Reigns takes to the corner and readies for the spear but Keith hits the Spirit Bomb and Reigns kicks out! Lee takes to the top rope and looks for the moonsault but nobody’s home. Spear from Reigns and that’s it.

Winners: Team SmackDown

RawSmackDownNXT 3

After the match, Roman and Keith come face-to-face and Roman gives him a fist-bump.

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