Steve Austin Says WWE’s Ring Work Needs To Improve

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Steve Austin is a WWE Hall Of Famer and The Rattlesnake has seen plenty of things throughout his career. He loves the intensity in the squared circle and even though he won’t wrestle another match, he does enjoy watching great action.

While speaking to ESPN, Steve Austin recently explained that WWE’s ring work could improve. Then again, you can always get better. The fact is that WWE Superstars are supreme athletes, but telling a fluid story might be a different matter.

“I always think the work could improve — the in-ring product, not being able to see the gaps, the tells. To make the in-ring product even better than it is now. With respect to athleticism, it’s about as high as it can get. But just everything tightened up and everything looks like a complete shoot. And wins and losses do matter. It’s always about the in-ring product. And the bottom line is when you’re watching it, it needs to appear as real as possible. That’s not a critique or an indictment. That’s just you asked me what could be better — that could be better.”

WWE tells their Superstars to really lay it in when they’re on television. Sometimes that stiffer style can also lead to needless injuries. The storytelling might need a little work in WWE, but it’s hard to take away from how hard their Superstars work to keep their bodies in peak physical condition.

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